That little girl in me

Excerpt: In my not-so-good appearance, there lies a little girl, When I woke from my somber she gives me a warm smile, Asking me the same question every time, Am I happy enough? (Reads: 9,312)



English Poem – That Little Girl in Me
© Anand Vishnu Prakash,

In my not-so-good appearance, there lies a little girl

When I woke from my somber she gives me a warm smile

Asking me the same question every time

Am I happy enough?

And I go back to the folks who are my dear ones

First image is of my Daddy, who is very close to me

But my heart restrains me from sharing things

Second comes my Mommy

Who is very far from my own World

Third comes my other family members

From whom I never mix-up

Though I have many friends

But they are not so close to me

Then comes Him

With whom I share everything and expected the same

But now, even He seems like non-understanding

No one ask me my wish

They all simply blamed me for my behavior

They give me suggestions which I never needed

But they fail to give me something which I always wished for

Thinking all these things in the middle of the night

Gives me so many horrible thoughts

But again I have no one on my side to share things

And so I assumed my inner-self to be my best companion

To which I share things and take suggestions

She has been with me for so long

But I never try to listen her

She warns me for being so optimistic with people

And I scold her, saying they are good

But now that I am all alone

She assures me that I am not lonely

But when sun rises and I confront same world

I wonder how to keep myself happy

In this strange world, where no one is helpful

And the very moment

That little girl in me gives me warm smile

Walking with my side, gives me a promising gesture

And boosts me for the challenges lies ahead

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I am a fresh graduate who loves writing, reading a variety of books, learning new things, visiting weird places and what not. Right now, I am working as content writer.

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  1. Saurabh says

    I do not call this a poem because it seem to me as a short story which is nicely narrated about someone’s life.

    Anyways! Nice try in writing a good poem but your words in it are not fitting well.

    Hire karu kya !!!!!!!!

  2. Prachi says

    I agree with your each and every word. I am not much into poems but i think its your imagination that really needs hard work grammar comes the next, at least for me. But anyways i will work on it.

  3. The Manoj Arora says

    I’ll be blunt. It wasn’t good. At all. There were a lot of errors, mostly with the tense of the narration. Your work clearly indicates that you haven’t read enough good poems. I’d suggest you read Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson and others. The concept was nice, which is good. You just need to work hard, and edit it again and again. I myself edit my poems at least ten times. Here’s a link to my works, do check it out.

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