Excerpt: The mighty strong but thin Internet Bridges Connect millions of computers and cell phones With millions in other countries . But the internet bridges are invisible (Reads: 53)


The mighty strong but thin Internet Bridges

Connect  millions of computers and cell phones

With millions  in other countries .

But the internet bridges are invisible

They seem to have have  nano-meter thin decks

But of titanic strength  which   can carry

Millions of tons of love,music and banker’s business


The thin internet bridges connect continents.

But their  thousand kilometer spans

Do not have  pillars in between!

The spans hang on  invisible cables tied to invisible pylons

The  cables are  made of new  radio waves

Called as digital Marconi waves.


(I often wonder why I write about  machines.

Are they stuff for ornamental poetry ?

Why not write about the beautiful temples and beautiful gods?

But oftentimes science attracts me

Like magnet and makes me forget

Even many important things for a while!)


The thin invisible  internet bridges  carry

Billion tons  of love and knowledge

Across cities, countries and  continents.

Some people carry  bad loads over these bridges too

Let us hope they will stop such work

Let us hope they too would convey

Loads containing only love and spirituality


Smaller internet bridges connect  villages too

Across canyons,ravines  and valleys

They connect  islands across the seas

And convey loads of laughter,joy and even sorrow

The electronic engineer  boasts much.

He draws our attention  in a mathematical  way

To the strength internet bridge sections.

He compares the  “thinness” of bridge deck

With the “weight” of goods carried .

He declares that even the iron and concrete bridges

Are no match to the bridges of  internet !


He speaks as though he is emperor of the world!

“The Verrazano–Narrows Bridge,

And the Golden Gate  both in USA ,

The Howrah bridge of Kolkata

(Which we see in old Hindi films)—

Even they can not compete with the internet bridge!

The six kilometer  Sea Link  in Mumbai

(On west coast of our  mighty land ),

The  new glamorous Chinese bridge–

(Connecting a big port  city to an island

Twenty six kilometers away in the sea!)

They too are   no match to the  bridges of  Internet!”



The electronics man  uses electrons

As bricks to make  bridges of internet

And uses mighty strands of Marconi waves

As suspension cables holding the spans and sections.

The  engineer  uses digital waves which are of atom size

He makes billions of tiny wagons and tiny rakes

Using many billions of digital waves.

Only digital waves can travel on the on internet routes.

The  “data trains” each with millions of atom-sized wagons

Travel at terrific unimaginable speeds

And perfectly reach their destinations.

The data trains go  in a second

Three hundred thousand kilometers!


Boasts the electronics engineer further,

“I convert written  sentences,

Songs,dances and tennis matches

All into strings of billions of “zeroes” and “ones”!

Then I cut them into dizital data trains

And send them on digital internet tracks.

Just as the real trains on the railway routes

The data train  reaches the destination computer

Or destination cell phone or i-pad

As perfectly as the real train reaches a  town!


The old Marconi waves were used

In old radios to mainly produce  songs

(Hindi ,English and others )and news.

They were also used by armies

And  airplanes and seagoing ships .

But among the common folks

The music from the radio was the most popular thing.


But the old Marconi waves can not  drive the internet

So the  computer and cell phone

Can not carry on conversation with faraway lands.

The tiny chrystal wafers called transistors

( The wonder creation of engineers)

Are fixed in  computer and the cell phone

To bring the  internet riding on new digital Marconi wave


The digital internet performs all kinds of magic

It aids the modern jet age businessman,

Computerized bank and  computerized office

It helps in driving modern flashy car,

The modern electric train and airplane

And even helps the toy drones and toy trains.

The space rocket zipping into space

Lives on the digital Marconi wave

The cell phone  in your pocket too

Lives on the digital Marconi wave.

But for it the TV will not show

The  live tennis match and cricket game.


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