What I Wish You My Angel

Excerpt: Before she leave, she shakes my hand and give me, the most happiest new year wish, I was stunned and confused on, how or what to wish her back, how could I wish her happiness (Reads: unavailable)


I saw a little girl whom I would love to
call as the synonym of innocence
She smiled at me that just made me
feel that I am out of the world for a few seconds
I thought all the doors of heaven
are closed towards me but ,her smile ,
her angelic smile opens it one by one
she bounced from your mother’s arms
like an untied hydrogen balloon
and come close to me to share your chastity with me
she made my day so prettiest

So many times I fall from my life
that ended up in a thought
“I am a failure” and
I can’t be happy any more
as I have no reason to be happy
I even forget how to smile
But she taught me that no reason
is needed for happiness apart from a sacred heart

I wondered how superior she was
in the age of one or two!
How tactfully she was managing
to capture the attention
of all with in a span of second and
more over how happy she was
I found out the answers
of all my questions in my mind
after a careful assessment
she belong to the only one group in the earth
who lives in present without any
regrets about past and nervousness about future
do what ever she want and not what ever she was asked
talk as she likes regardless of rules
love whom she think is deserved for her love
disclose her heart out considering nothing around
she was real, innovative productive and gifted
what more anyone can demand
from the life other than all these

Hey little princess,you are lucky enough
to receive pure love from all
you are luckier as you can give back
the love you receive in an even more splendid manner
you are luckiest as you are out of criticisms of the world

Before she leave, she shakes my hand and give me
the most happiest new year wish
I was stunned and confused on
how or what to wish her back
how could I wish her happiness
as happiness wanted to travel so long to reach her
At last I found some words and
wished her never grow up in the world
which takeover her originality


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