With Tears, Your Love …..

Excerpt: You were the reason for my Smiles,The day when i met you,I didn't even thought you will be so important to me,The day when I was in a depression (Reads: 503)



Love Poem – With Tears, Your Love
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Dear My love,


You were the reason for my Smiles…

The day when i met you..

I didn’t even thought you will be so important to me..

The day when I was in a depression,

As a friend,Your Support gives me the strength at right time..

Thanks for your support and strength !!


As Days passed..

With all of hope , i just started loving the way you are…

And When I got the courage and expressed it,

You are so genuine , Accepted me for What I am….

Thanks for you understood me !!


Am so happy….

For You have been near me When i needed you,

Proud to be your girl always for am cared much by you.

Whatever a girl expects, You have never been a minus

always satisfied my needs …

Thanks for your care on me !!


Yearning for your love….

Always you holded me in your arms when am cold.

Uttered ‘I love you’ just because you want to see me smile…

You holded my pinky finger, A cute feeling always.

My eyes started blinking more often just because you like my eyes!

Allowed me to lay on your shoulders even its for hours,even it gives you pain.

Am breathless when on hearing Your heartbeats ,its like a second lullaby..

Thanks for you comforts !!


Always I wanted for…

To be near you, when you need me..

To care for you ,to love you more that nobody shows it..

To be loved by you, cared by you always..

To make you happy as the way you want to be.

Thanks for your trust !!


Lost in your feelings….

The Happiness !! When you are with me..

The Sadness !! When you fail to care for me at times..

The Excitement !! When you say you want to see me..

Being Loved !! When you hold me into your arms..

Being Concerned !! When you hold my hands while crossing the road..

The Loneliness !! When you leave for a moment ..

Thanks dear for you have given all the feelings!!


As our journey goes..

My love for you is not just the same on the first..

Its getting Multiplied whenever i think you…

It’s all your love, felt like you are around me always

Thanks for your heavenly love dear!!


Thanks for everything but…

Hoped for some good thing to happen

But Now the Situation is hard to accept everything as the way we wanted to be …

Now am in pain dear… Felt like its never going to happen..

Its always painful if we lose someone we always needs them.


Its always hurtful if we lose someones care from whom we always want to be cared by..

Its always hardest thing if Someone stop talking once we used to talk everyday..

Its always more hurting When we stop showing care which we actually do..

Its always makes us sad if something we want to happen, But it never gonna …


Its always gives a guilty feeling if we have to live with someone else along with all of our old memories deep inside our heart…

Its always a death coming feeling when you try to forget someone you love,But Its like trying to remember someone you never knew.

You will never know the true happiness until you have loved someone truly,

And you will never understand what pain really is Until you have lost it.

Yes I felt like I have lost you !!


Yes its time to say bye which i really don’t want to say …

Am breaking my promise i made You that I will never leave You..

That doesn’t mean i don’t love you anymore..

I always care for you even if we are not together and even far away from each other

But Whatever ! even if you are not near me, Will love you until it get hurts…

Holding on is loving, but sometimes,

Letting go is loving more……


It feels better if i hug you and cry out loud

Badly i need your shoulders,I need your hands to wipe my tears..

Am tired of crying all alone 🙁

Am so sorry my dear.. am counting my days without you by my side 🙁

Its hurting deep in my heart…

Only My loneliness and my tears know that pain..

Its really a hell to be in Pain..

Will miss you my dear…

Sorry & Thanks for Everything !!


With tears,

Your love…


Yes Its really hard to forget someone who has given so much memories

to remember :(:(:(

Its hurting more  when we try to forget someone whom we wanted to remember lifelong !!



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