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The soldiers’ family
New hopes have come a new day has begun

I see a woman with pure feet
Hurt the dew as she passes to see
Whether her husband a solider gone long ago
Is returning from a journey started long ago
She looks down the road faraway
Hoping to see the solider return home once again
But nay he doesn’t

Now comes the mother her hair gone grey
She has grieved for this child every single day
Her only wish before she dies
Is to see her child in front of her eyes
She looks down the road faraway
Hoping to see the solider return home once again
But nay he doesn’t

I see a child with searching eyes
Her fathers existence she finds nothing but lies
She searches for he father her dear brave father
Who in pursuit of his honor left far away his daughter
She looks down the road faraway
Hoping to see the solider return home once again
But nay he doesn’t

The father was lucky to die long ago
The rest wait; but unknown to them the solider died weeks ago
Oh creators of war I beg thee all

To stop and live like brethren as we must all

So that every being would let their feet run naked into the virgin grass
And by hurting the dew the would cure their heart

Still new night has begun new dreams shall come

dreams in which they see him return.



A woman is wailing, a child is dead
She shouts and cries for her child is dead

Those people around her watch her to pity her
Thy do nothing more nor even join her

Her grief is great and the pain of her heart most intense
She has no hope for she has lost her only sustenance

Almost when her reason is taken away by madness
She hears a voice that is full of sweetness

Who is it that spoke; it is I mother your dead child
Why; why have you left me she cries

Mother oh mother don’t you see this world is too bad to live as a living being
I left you only, not to be corrupted in this world

I saved you mother from the pain of rearing me and then be disappointed
When my ideas would be different; I would be different from what you would have wanted me to be

Clear those tears and come with me
The mother leaves the dead and follows the spirit

The people around her sigh and say she has gone mad



Come on brothers the time has come to shun all the faith
That we had in a nation that we ourselves had made

The ropes are ready and we must face
The struggle of freedom that we all made

Our eyes are wet but why don’t we see
None of them cares as they are all mean

So shall we loose all faith and die without hope you ask
I say let us wait a little more

And as the rope around our neck tighten
Let us pray that the nation we gave our lives for be made one day

Has our blood gone waste you ask?
I say we fought for what we had come to love and them to destroy

So hold your head high
Get ready to die

Trying to make a better world for them
And hoping to find a better world for ourselves


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