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Excerpt: If all the trees were ONE tree, What a GREAT tree it would be! If all the axes were ONE axe, What a GREAT axe it would be! Two poems with moral lesson. (Reads: 18,367)



Two Poems with Moral Lessons
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Poem – The Great Fall!

If  all the trees were ONE tree,

What a GREAT tree it would be!

If all the axes were ONE axe,

What a GREAT axe it would be!

If all the seas were ONE sea,

What a GREAT sea it would be!

If all the men were ONE man,

What a GREAT man he would be!

If the great man, takes the great axe,

Cuts the great tree and it falls into the great sea,

What a GREAT FALL it would be!


Poem – The Paparazzi  Boy

The boy called himself paparazzi

Though he knew he was not.

He was from the village, son of a farmer,

Who has never been to school, and was poor.

But he had a hobby, a quite uncommon one,

He followed the eminent people of the place,

Just to know whether they stick to their words.


He followed the only teacher of the place,

Who told everyone “education is for all”.

The boy saw him refuse teaching two children,

Because they belonged to the lower orders.

Still, the teacher continued, “education is for all”.


He chased a politician, who bragged of his principles,

Of  honesty, of purity and of commitment.

The boy found he misused the fund for the village,

Formed alliance with the businessmen to get benefits,

And his promises for the village remained mere promises.

Still, the politician spoke about honesty, truth and commitment.


He went after a priest, who delivered talks on devotion,

Who claimed, he did offerings with utmost sincerity.

The boy found he performed only those offerings,

For which he was paid, leaving the others undone.

Still he talked about devotion and clean heart.


The boy followed the only doctor there, with some hope,

He used to tell, he treated all who sought his help.

But he treated only those who gave him high fees and gifts,

To others, he told, their illnesses were cureless.

Still, he repeated his false words, enjoyed a high life.


The boy felt dejected, as none stayed with their words,

Everyone wanted money, fame and reputation,

There was no match between their words and deeds.

Still, all of them carried on happily.


He decided to give up his rare interest,

As it no more fancied him, but only saddened him.

On his way home, he saw the old beggar eating,

The chicken feed of food, offered by someone.

Next to him came a lean dog, walking raggedly as if injured,

Its body and eyes tell it has been starving for days.

Soon the beggar gave the food to the dog, which ate it quickly,

As if, it has not seen food for ages.

And the old man remained under there, peacefully.


The boy’s eyes filled with tears of reverence,

Finally he could meet one man doing a nice thing,

Without boasting, without show off, without claiming.

Good people have not become extinct yet!

But still, the old beggar remained as the old beggar,

Under the shade of that big, old tree!!


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  1. ambily says

    nice work mrdu. ‘Great fall’ is writen with good insight and its presentation style is unique

  2. Wolfscar says

    The Great Fall was a really deep poem. I liked the structure and emphasis of the word great lol. Well done.

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