Synonym of Strength

Excerpt: When a misfortune happen to you, by some horrible wild creatures, all supported those beasts, because you were wrong, if you were a real lady, you would have been in home and not in a road (Reads: unavailable)


all the world tell that
you are the mildest creature
the god had ever created
everybody ask you to shut your mouth
and be in home always
Beginning from the centuries
you were restricted
to travel, to wear what you like,
to speak what you thought, to behave as you are
and more than that remain yourself.

But there was one lady
who never care such stupidities
who believe in herself rather than others words
My dear,
you ought to choose
a different way
poetically “the road not taken”
or the path less traveled.
You marked your name there and
acquired all the fame
when you fall prey for
other’s criticism
You said that is your victory
as you grow up from a nobody to
somebody who is commented by all
and more than that you proved
those useless can only comment
you told  the people who were building
a beautiful cage for you
to stop it as you are not
a beautiful parrot to stay in a cage
but an eagle who fly over even clouds

when a misfortune happen to you
by some horrible wild creatures
all supported those beasts
because you were wrong
if you were a real lady
you would have been in home and not in a road
if you were perfect
you would have been get married
before mid twenties
you walk in night
that severe crime is enough to be attacked

The attackers and their supporters
thought that they silence you
but what happens is just the opposite
the former and the latter is running
without even a single minute for rest
they never would have imagined that you are not
what the people called as” ideal lady”
to live rest of the life in darkness
or give an end to your life
now they would have understood that
you are a lioness who can silence all the sounds towards it.
You win
come back to life with a
more beautiful smile within a day
just to prove that life is only for
those who accepts the challenges
you cant be defined simply by the word courage dear
as courage has to travel a lot more to reach you


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