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Welcome Reader! We have huge collection of short stories by many famous writers across the world. Few handpicked stories from various categories are listed below for quick reference. We also provided link to editor’s pick stories in each category. Additionally under Kids and Children category we have good moral lesson and bedtime stories for our little readers.

We hope that you have pleasant time at our club. Your comments matter to our writers. Please do provide your invaluable feedback.

Inspiration Stories with Moral Lessons


These inspirational stories provide meaningful takeaway lessons. Read Editor’s Choice stories in this category.

Few examples are story of a girl who seeks pleasure by making others look beautiful, a woman looking for perfect body learnt a lesson from an underprivileged kid, short story to get inspiration from a dog, a touching story highlighting human nature of doubting everyone even a needy, overcome fear after an accident, and other such inspirational stories.

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Love and Romance


This collection includes romantic love stories from real life, heartfelt first love experiences, and tragic end of sad love. Read Editor’s Choice stories in this category.

Read selfless love of a wife that finally wins after twelve years, heart touching love story of a dying girl who never let her lover know about her fatal disease, love story of a guy who could not express his feeling to the girl he loved, romantic love story of honeymoon, story of a lover who became crazy and decided to live with sweet remembrance of his past, and other love stories

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Family Stories


This collection includes stories of families, relationships and family matters. Read memory of grandfather, relation between daughter and mother, feeling of being a mother and many more such heart touching stories. Read Editor’s Choice stories in this category.

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Suspense and Thriller


Read suspense, thriller, psychological thriller, murder mystery, & crime investigations stories. Read Editor’s Choice stories in this category.

In this collection you will find story of a person whose dreams started becoming true and finally he saw that he would be murdered by his dream girl, a rapidly growing cat, mystery of multiple murders at an isolated road, a kid who became friend of someone mystical, a plane crash survivor who finally lost his hope after an creepy experience, and many more such stories to bring goose bumps.

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Kids and Children


Kids and children collection includes stories for kids with moral lesson, fairy tales, fables, & many other childhood memories. The stories are illustrated with picture to stimulate imagination of our little readers. Read Editor’s Choice stories in this category.

Read and enjoy story of an honest monkey, moral lesson for kids from story of a painting, funny detective story of three kids planning something big, greedy fox story and many more from our this category.

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Friends and Friendships


A friend in need is a friend indeed. This collection provides stories of best friends and their friendships. Friendship is a relationship that we choose and therefore friends are the special ones. Read stories of true friendships, best friends, school friends and many more from this category. Read Editor’s Choice stories in this category.

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Funny Short Stories


Funny short stories with lots of fun and humor along with few black comedies and real life funny incidents. Read Editor’s Choice stories in this category.

Read funny fiction when in a one-sided-love he wished to kiss his dream girl, funny true life incident of a middle class family catching train in midnight, a hilarious fiction when a man’s wish was granted to become God, funny experience of a doctor in a rural hospital, hilarious incident of neighbors try to get a sneak peek from someone’s family matter, and many other such tickling stories to bring smile at your face.

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Science Fiction


The collection of sci-fi includes several interesting science fictions. Read Editor’s Choice stories in this category.

Enjoy story of aliens attacking earth, what happened when a race landed on a planet after several hundred years of exile from galaxy, going in the past to know the murderer, science fiction for kids in which a robo-girl returning to earth after many years, story of doomsday, and many other such awesome fictions.

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Paranormal and Unusual Experiences


Read Story of Witches, Ghosts and Zombies from our online collection of scary and creepy stories with unusual paranormal experiences. Read Editor’s Choice stories in this category.

Story of a man who took short cut through a haunted dark tunnel to find dead people, horror adventure of Ouija board, creepy experience of a family who moved in an isolated house and found family of ghosts, mystery of serial killings in a graveyard, a man who came to dig out diamond from grave, and many such paranormal unusual experiences.

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