Dead to the world

Excerpt: Unlike other vampires he was also blessed with with special powers. He could easily attract people towards him, mesmerize them. (Reads: 41)


For participation in the event “tales told differently”

participation entry- Nikita Singh

college-for tales told differently ,fiction writing competition, fiction writing competition organized by inklings, the literary society SRCASW.

writing prompt- reversed vampire


While I was a major fan of horror movies growing up, vampires never really interested me all that much. I laughed at them when they were portrayed in cartoons or mediums because seemed such ridiculous characters: turning into a bat or a puff of smoke at a moment’s notice.

That was our last day of trip and I still remember as it was the most memorable one everyone had some or the other experiences to tell to their parents and friends. The place where we went was Small Island in Philippines. My friends and I walked on the two-kilometer trail that circled the island. Every nook and corner had spectacular scenery. Warm seawater touched our feet as we walked bare foot on the sand near the water. If god hired an architect to design heaven, this was how it would be done. And anyone could easily fall in love with this place.

I still remember four weeks back on this same trip just two days were left for our trip to get over a trip that no one wanted to get over Elle, one of my closet friend and some others fellow mates along with me were sitting on the beach and everyone one was sitting some having juice some playing with sand some just feeling soothing g air. And  did suddenly everyone bursted into laughing, Edward one of my   he’d never been the most popular kid but he never did became a laughing stock as he  feeling inside him. On our way back he seemed upset as who so ever used to see him used to laugh on him and it was clearly visible from his expressions that he wanted to take revenge

Edwin had a great interest in vampires he was very curious to know about vampires. One could find enough books and other stuffs related to vampires. But his perception or so called thinking about them was very different he always wondered why vampires have to be like this? Why they had to be evil, drink blood and scare people out?? These were the questions that crossed his mind many times in a day. Weather he was in class or canteen he always used to think about vampires he in fact tried to find out answers for his unusual questions but never got a so called satisfying answers.

As he grew up he wanted to become a kind and humble man. A person who helps others. He was starting to work his way up when he was attacked by vampire and was transformed into the same. He has learned from the stories that vampires are heartless, soulless and purely evil and never aging and never ending thirst for blood and he felt exactly the same accept one thing which was both strange and astonishing for everyone to believe but was true that like other vampires he did not had thirst for others blood and was not heartless.  He pretended to be a normal human for years until people got suspicious about him. Unlike other vampires he also did not went out in sun. His skin was extraordinary white he had a salt pepper colored hairs, his lips were of pure red color. Anyone could easily fall in love with him and his personality. He was perfect in every way and most of the girls who worked along with him had a crush on him.

Elsa one whom was flawless smile and fallen for Edwin completely. She was in love with his personality, his voice, his smile and everything. She tried her very best to initiate conversation with her. But Edwin knew that love was something that was not meant for him. He used to think what was so unusual about him? Should he be happy that he did become immortal that he would never become old he will be always as young as he is as handsome as he is but soon he realized that something was completely different with him he was not like others vampires. He was no evil and he did not had thirst for humans blood instead the case was just opposite he was transformed into a so called ‘REVERSED VAMPIRE’.

A vampire who got to get people drink his blood. So when the situations when out went out control he faked his own death. He continues this practice every day keeping his hunger at bay with a nearby butcher shop and fighting to ensure the safety of humanity from humans and not so human danger. And unlike other vampires he was also blessed with with special powers. He could easily attract people towards him, mesmerize them. But he never used his power on innocent people he used to hypnotize people who did bad to other like murderers and all and used to make him drink his blood. But one day Elsa saw this and was shocked to believe on what her eyes saw because Edwin was already dead four months ago. Edwin saw her and he soon went out of her sight within microseconds. She went at the same highway where Edwin died in a car road accident. Soon Edwin realize that Elsa was a threat to her and  decided to do what no one even he himself had also not thought in his wildest dream but he was not left with any other option so he finally made up his mind to kill her on the night just before Christmas. The night was quite cold with snow falling as it was Christmas season. As soon as he went into her room he saw her falling peacefully curled up into a ball.

‘She looks so pretty even when she is sleeping and if did be a normal person like you I would have also fallen for you’ he whispered to himself

But soon he came back into reality and remembered why he was here? And as soon as he went to kill her he was unable to do so his hands froze and his heart escaped a beat and soon he came out of her house he was really disturbed. Next morning his doorbell rang and he was so surprised to hear it. A bell that did not rang for the last four months ranged. He went to see who it was and as soon as his eyes were wide open when he saw that it was Elsa standing on the other side of the door.

‘Edwin I know you are inside’ said Elsa

Edwin did not replied

‘Please open the door Edwin.’

‘I really need to talk something important. Please do let me in.’ Elsa said again

Edwin could not resist himself anymore and soon opened the door

‘Why are you here?’

‘What do you want?’ said Edwin

‘I am here to know your reality. To help you out get out of this shit’ replied Elsa

Edwin told Elsa everything about him that how he was attacked by a vampire and was transformed into a ‘reversed vampire’

‘What? You are a reversed vampire’

‘Quite interesting’ said Elsa

Elsa finally promised not to tell anyone about him. She was a doctor so she told that I can get you some blood from the blood bank. Edwin told her that how he fulfills his demand of blood by making people who were threat to humanity drink his blood. Elsa was the only one in his life and he used to feel that there was a bond between both of them but soon someone casted an evil eye on this bond and soon he lost Elsa also in a car crash. Again he did became the same lonesome guy. And became upset and aggressive and was losing trust from humanity but soon he heard a voice within in him

Don’t lose your trust from humanity and continue to do your work my sweet and charming vampire. I am always with you’

Edwin was familiar with this voice as this was the voice of Elsa his only friend. But every nook and corner of this place made him remember Elsa so he thought of leaving this place and going somewhere, going to a place where Elsa’s past would not haunt him

So he went to another place and continued to be a “REVERSED VAMPIRE” who would made people who were inhuman to make them drink his blood.

‘Good job!! Mr. Vamp’ said his inner mini Elsa

Edwin smiled and went on his way……..


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