Love you Daddy! – Family Short Story

Excerpt: Family Short Story : Dad makes an album of my happy moments throughout the year. He makes it very personal with a small poem for each Kodak moment. (Reads: 1,271)


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Love you Daddy - Family Short Story

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“Happy Birthday Sweety”

“Thank You Dad!” I smiled at him, reaching for the presents. The moment I saw a rectangular shaped object in golden wrapper, I know what it would be.  Dad’s birthday gifts are always constant: A new dress, a book, photo album & cash to spend it for myself. I don’t know how he selects things perfectly. Dress would generally be a perfect and unique piece.  Book would be on a subject where dad wants me to improve myself.

I opened the gift wrapper: A cute pink top this time & a self-improvement book by an Indian author.

“I love it daddy, Thank you.”

“Open this “

He thrust me the photo album. Dad makes an album of my happy moments throughout the year.  He makes it very personal with a small poem for each Kodak moment. Somehow there are two albums this year.I opened the first album and saw all those purple moments before me again:  Yes photograph of my vacation in summer, a snap when I’m dancing happily at my cousin’s wedding, office outing, holi celebration. Let me check the next album

“Why is this album empty dad?”

“That’s for next year, Sweety. I want to make an album out of your wedding pictures.”

“Daddy, what is the hurry now?”

“Because my princess is 24 now.. You have done everything you wanted, studied well, made a career.  What’s stopping you now? “

Actually there was no excuse this time. Dad asked me whether I have someone in mind. I told him no and left it to him to find me a suitable partner.

“That Textile Business guy was very suitable for our Sona. Why did you reject him?” My mom asked dad.

“He is just running his father’s business. I’m not sure whether he will survive on his own…”

“You are finding some fault with every alliance that comes through. It’s almost an year since we started searching a groom for her..” my mom continued

“Sona is my Princess. I will find her a groom who will suit her in every aspect.” My dad said patting my shoulder.

At last he found the right one. He found me a prince for who is Well-mannered, caring, intelligent, funny & everything that I would require.  Dad was unable to control his tears when he gave my hand to my husband.

Now it’s almost six months, since I got settled in London. Though I love my husband a lot, I miss my home and most importantly my dad. I realized that my birthday is approaching soon.  This would be my first birthday without dad…Will Dad give me the usual presents this time too? I realized that I haven’t sent him any photographs of me recently. How will he make the album? I took the auto-flash camera and went to terrace.

I might have found my prince, dad but you will always be my king. Love You Daddy!


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