Marriage is a connection between two souls

Excerpt: Tanvi and Rakesh showered love to their daughter at the utmost, and also spared time for themselves. Their love was immense. (Reads: 460)


Tanvi and Rakesh are married to each other for last one decade.

Tanvi is a banker and is posted as a cashier in ICICI Bank, whereas, Rakesh is working as an Accountant in a private company.  They both are 35 years each and are blessed with one daughter- Sara (7yrs old) and one son – Kevin (3yrs old).

They knew each other since college and had a courtship for nearly six years before deciding and family pressure to go for a commitment. Their parents never had any objection in their relationship as parents were well aware of each other families, their reputation and the love these birds had for each other. They knew very well that if they resisted they will fly away. So both the families amicably agreed to their relations and organized a joint reception to welcome all nears and dears.

After the marriage, both Tanvi and Rakesh continued working more hard in their professions because they knew that their responsibilities had increased. They planned a child and were blessed with a beautiful girl-  Sara who was a center of attraction for the family.

Since, they were now a family of 2+1 members; so a need of car was felt, and they bought an ALTO(Lx) model which was taken on HP. The equitable installments were payable in 3 years which they paid it sweetly without any hitch.

Tanvi and Rakesh showered love to their daughter at the utmost, and also spared time for themselves. Their love was immense; they never saw flaws in each other and kept on improving their professional skills and growing enormously.

Sara was 4 years old and was going in nearby, Pre-Kindergarten school. They didn’t admit  Sara early in the school as they felt that the child should get enough time to play and enjoy burdenless with the family.

After one year, the loving couple was blessed with an another child, a baby boy whose name was kept as Kevin. Sara was very delighted on having a brother to play with. She would take him on her laps, touch his cheeks and do all funny things. Time passed and both the children were growing. Tanvi and Rakesh were contented and were happy inside that they have a complete small family. They all would go for rides on Sundays and trips on holidays.  On the other hand, Tanvi’s and Rakesh’s families thank God for blessing their children. The relationship became more stronger and stronger between these two souls, they would appreciate each other, share wisdom, professional ideas and much more.


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