Mother’s role in upbringing of her child

Excerpt: The years passed, she was able to manage her family, and profession very diligently. There was happiness all over, she would help others, donate money, do the household work and excel in her professional front. (Reads: 171)


Riti is a sweet child of 7 years old. She lives in Kaithal , Haryana with her mother and father. Her father is a cloth trader who regularly goes for tours in different cities to sell his goods. Therefore, her mother who being a house-wife looks after her and the other activities. But somehow, her father being emotionally attached to her occasionally, spared some time from her busy schedule to devote it for his family.

Riti, though being a little child understands her father’s situation- never complained of his absence. On the other hand, her mother could read the love she needed the most from her father, was very particular to give maximum time to her daughter. Suhasini, Riti’s mother was an educated and well- mannered woman who knew her responsibilities, and never complained to her husband of his responsibilities. She would do the household work, attend the guests, look into the work of her husband on his absence, direct the staff of the husband, go at PTM at the school, and many more things. But at the end of the day, only mattered her was her family.

Suhasini was bringing up Riti as a single parent, and was conscious of her activities. Riti was fortunate to get admission in one of the best schools of the town on the merits. She knew that her mother has to look after so many works and father is not available. So realizing this, she would get up early in the morning, pack up her bags, press her school uniform, take her bath and so on. The school was 2kms from the home; so a private school van would come and take her along with other students in her locality to the school.

Riti used to stood in first five students in the class. Her note-books were neat and clean with labels of her name, class-section written on the cover page. Teachers were very fond of her easy going nature, helping habit, also being a monitor of the class- she maintained decorum in the class. Suhasini was proud her daughter’s achievements.

One day, when Riti was hosting a program on Upbringing of the child; she fiercely and with confidence acknowledged her mother’s role. Her mother along with other parents were also present there. She said that her mother had a very tough life since she was two years old. My mother would sit with her for hours- play games, do mockery, would hold her in her arms, and recite songs and dance.  When she was 4 years old, she would take her to a Kinder garden school. Drop her in the morning and take her back in the afternoon. Then when i am at home, she would give me tasty lunch and so on. She would make me sleep, and in the evening she would go the park with me so that i could play with kids of my age.

My mother  had instructed to the school management to make me participate in every cultural and sports event. My teachers were equally happy to give me a chance to actively participate because they knew that i never neglected my studies.

During the festivals, my mother would allow me to join my friends in celebrating the festive. She would buy new clothes for me , and gifts for me and my friends. Therefore, my friends were also fond of her.

As i am growing and taking inch by inch height; i have promised myself to become a true copy of my mother, and one day after getting best of education and degrees, i want to become a lecturer and teach the students, and give them the best of knowledge, guide them, and serve for the humanity.

I have also promised myself that i will take care of my parents when they grow old. I will be like a son for them, take my responsibilities and never run away from them.

As i was sharing these events with the audience; i saw most of the parents including my mother were in tears. After my speech had concluded, she came running on the stage and hugged me. Everyone was clapping and giving blessings to me and my mother.  The auditorium was jammed pack, and still people were pouring. The photographers were clicking shots, the chief  guest along with the Principal came up at the stage and showered their blessings. Then after a five minutes silence, the chief guest said a few words of appreciation about the school and the participants.

Riti was determined to make a name for her school and her family. Now she was a teenager and was about to give her 10th board exams. She along with her classmates was working day and night to get the top position. Her exams were started as per the schedule; she did beyond her expectations, and when the result came she was the topper in her school with highest marks in four subjects. This news spread all over, and her father who was not in the town came to know her achievement. He rushed back to his hometown to meet his family. When his daughter saw her father, she ran to him and hugged him. By this time, neighbours and close relatives had also come and congratulating Riti and her proud parents. Her Photo was listed in the top newspapers; she was awarded cash award along with scholarship. Many schools were approaching her parents to admit her in their Senior Secondary Section, but since her school was 10+2 and the teachers, and school was astonishing, they didn’t want to change it.

As the new session had begun, and she had opted for Commerce stream, much of a surprise for all as she could have taken Medical or Non-Medical, but she resisted and very clearly told her parents that she was comfortable in the stream she had taken, and had a different bent of mind for her option. She felt and researched that Commerce had a wider choice and better prospective in comparison to other streams.

On the day of Orientation, she was applauded and recognized by the management and the faculty-in-charge. While acknowledging and expressing her gratitude, she thanked her teachers who had played a vital role in uplifting her. She was at praise for the principal, parents and her friends who had faith in her.

She had made up her mind to work more hard, give her best to score a good percentile in class 11th and 12th boards. Her preparation had started from the second day of her new session of class 11th. She was not affected by these appreciations; her goal was to excel, and for that her parents had given her liberty to even take Help Tuitions and consult different books. This jouney of success continued, and she kept on achieving big milestones. A day came when the President called her at his Residence, and blessed her with a permanent government job at a Government undertaking. But her goal was different as she wanted to become a lecturer. That day also came soon, and she was offered the job of lecturer at a prestigious college of the country. The salary was in higher bracket. It was a blessing cum true for all his family, school and friends. She had laid down a deep foundation for a humble beginning to a higher ladder.

Time passed and Riti got married to a Scientist who used to admire her, and had heard lot of achievements about her. This was a love at first sight. She went in a decent, educated and cultured family. After two years, she gave birth to a baby girl. On seeing her, it reminded her of the younger days, how her mother took care of her. Since she had a good lesson from her mother, she didn’t find any difficulty in adjusting in the family and also taking care of his family.

The years passed, she was able to manage her family, and profession very diligently. There was happiness all over, she would help others, donate money, do the household work and excel in her professional front. Was awarded on numerous times.

The moral of the story is that it doesn’t matter whether you are from which background, only matters is your sheer determination and goal orientation.


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