My Little Angel

Excerpt: When the doctor gave us the baby there was a small tear around the corner of my eyes and I kissed her forehead which had a smell of a milk. (Reads: 55)


I just saw my daughters face that day while my wife was changing the nappies of her and she was smiling at me with no worries making me feel like a gifted dad. She Is our little angel snigdha who is 11 months old and she has been filling the nook and corner of our life from the time she was born.

It was our first wedding anniversary and me and my wife Nikitha thought of spending this occasion alone in a nearby Seashore beach. We planned to meet there straight from our places as I had stuck with some work at my office. As usual I was late by an hour and she was angry for being late. It took some time for me to convince her by explaining the reason for my late presence.

It was clearly not the way I planned to celebrate my first anniversary. Everything was going in a reverse way I thought and I am just sitting in front of her as an accused 420. And when she suddenly told me that “If you do not be on time for these small occasions then then how will you ever make it for our child’s annual day program?….”

I just thought,”Now what is the connection between these two……….” And I was doubting myself whether I heard it right…..and when I saw her cheeky face with more amount of blush I just shouted in joy making all the people around gossip about us.

It was those nine months that I literally realized the pain of a woman and the level of care she takes before delivering a baby. The pain she carry all those months are like a hell but she stills enjoys it for the sake of her unborn child and its father, me. I thought of being a supportive husband and was always with her whenever she went for her checkups and was willing to drive her anywhere at anytimes.

She was always very fond of watermelons and so during her pregnancy time I made sure that I had loads of it feeded by the refrigerator. She likes pink color and I just converted the color of my house from blue to pink.

During the time of checkups when the doctor scans the baby to check its growth we enjoyed those small movements made by our baby. We dreamt our dreams together and we cherished it inch by inch.

During our morning walks we used to sing songs together as we always believed in enjoying our lives to the fullest by enriching our spirits.

Even though we were very excited about the new arrival of our family member yet we were very nervous about the labour pain she had to undergo. It was the ninth month and the doctor has given the date almost 2 weeks from now. Compared to me she was very much confident and was comforting me by saying everything will be allright.

The night before Diwali she suddenly screamed and cried for help and I was in a very confused state to do anything at that moment. My mind was blank even though i had seen these kind of situations before. she was shouting from her bottom of the throat and I was literally crying and at that point of time which made me to realize that how much I loved her. I carried her with both my hands and walked slowly through the walls to the car. It was raining heavily and I could not see the roads clearly but still I somehow managed to take her to the nearby hospital.

While she was being taken in the stretcher this time she was screaming much more than before and held my hands completely into hers. Her look in her eyes told me millions of pain she was undergoing and I wasn’t able to look into her eyes directly.

But still I want to tell her something so that it would comfort her in the labour ward but I couldn’t think of anything, atleast this moment. When the stretcher reached the ward I just asked the ward boy to stop for a second and went near her ears and said, ”I LOVE YOU…..!!!!”.

By hearing this she moved into tears and asked me to stay along with her during this painful journey. When the doctors were busy doing their medical things, a nurse came up to me and gave my ward dress. I wore and went near her, she was still shouting with pain but much better than before because of the anesthesia given by the doctors.
The doctors were initially doing those pushing things outwards in her stomach and I didn’t understand what was happening. All I was doing at that point of time was just praying those millions and millions of gods who are busily watching our cries to save my two babies.

Now she slowed her screaming a bit and went into an unconscious state. Suddenly the doctors were rushing and moving from one end of the corner to another and I was just crying like a small baby holding the hands of my better of half without knowing anything about what to do next. It was like leaving a small child in a dark forest with his eyes closed.

The doctors showed me the pulse rate that was getting low but by gaining all the courage in the world I went near her ears and told her that, “You are not going to give up… you?. we had been dreaming about this moment for the past one year niki and we must not give up however difficult the journey maybe….it is our baby, it trusted us and had come into our womb knowing that we will bring her out safely….so we must not disappoint her niki….common Niki you can do it….i am there with you don’t worry….and whatever happens I will always be on your side….dont disappoint me….please Niki….please…” and I cried like there are no more tears left to shed….

Suddenly there was a loud scream but this time it was not nikis scream but it was my cute little angel and as soon she started crying there were crackers burning all over the hospital depicting it as 12’o clock and it was Diwali all over the world and for mine too. She was crying much but not as much as I was crying for the past two hours.

Now when I reached Niki she was aching to see our beloved daughter and when I gave her she tried to take her in her hands but was unable to do so because of the turmoil she had undergone in the past hour or so. When the doctor gave us the baby there was a small tear around the corner of my eyes and I kissed her forehead which had a smell of a milk.

Now after these beautiful 11 months we were feeling like the most happiest persons in the world. Her smile was a medicine for most of our domestic and official problems. She entirely changed our lives and now our whole day revolves around her. I even don’t mind changing her nappies as long as she doesn’t cry .

Now she understands whatever we speak to her and even holds my hair with her little fingers when I try to kiss her. when we asked her,”Do you want new dresses for your birthday next month” she joyfully shakes her hands and legs indicating her approval.

There is a saying that if the first child is a girl, then the second child will have two mothers and in that way my unborn child is very lucky.


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