Moore – Family Short Story of a Bereaved Mother

Excerpt: Family Short Story : She wanted to get back her child by no means. She fought with the authorities in an alien nation. Her utmost desire took a ‘moore’ (Reads: 288)


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Moore - Family Short Story of Bereaved Mother

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She wanted to get back her child by no means. She fought with the authorities in an alien nation. Her utmost desire took a ‘moore’- turning point when they took away her child. That early evening she went to the terrace, took a snap of her, her last picture for her daughter and then jumped from above to the ground.

Everyone must be wondering who this young lady is. Let me take you to the journey of her life till this ‘moore’ comes.

Mr and Mrs Sen hailed from Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Mrs Malini Sen, is the young lady in our story, she had everything she wanted in her life. Happily married to a wealthy family, herself working in an IT company as HR Manager, now that she is expecting a child what more can she want from life. She felt complete as she touched her belly.

Mr. Rajiv Sen- it’s gonna be girl.

Malini Sen- no a boy, just as handsome as you are

Rajiv laughs out loud. Rajiv on his part was extremely loving and caring. They call each other- chunu-chuni secretly in their room or when they chat.  But Rajiv had a strange inclination towards going to abroad and to settle there. Maline and Rajiv often broke into fight on this topic. As Mrs Sen never wanted to leave her country while Mr Sen’s ambitious spirit longed for it.

Opportunitycame knocking one day. Since Rajiv was in the oil industry, so he got outsourced inNorwayby his US Company. The very moment he was about to share the news Malini’s water broke. She was hospitalized and soon gave birth to a beautiful girl child. Rajiv was momentarily unhappy as the child stole his thunder, his big surprise. Ultimately he got chance to speak to Malini.

Rajiv- I have something to tell you

Malini- what are you not happy

Rajiv- yes I am, but

Malini- what but Rajiv, I can see it in your face that something is bothering you. I thought you wanted a girl for us, didn’t you.

Rajiv- Yes of course, of course. But there is something more important than this

Malini was in shock- what that could be, hope you are not telling be that finally you got your ticket to abroad.

Rajiv in a sad tone – yes dear. But don’t worry I have come to an arrangement. I will go first and then after few months you will arrive with the baby.

Malini silently listened while her white cheeks got wet in tears. She shouted in agony- it’s totally out of the question. I will accompany you wherever you go even if its hell.

Rajiv didn’t get the pun rather laughed and said- it’s a dreamland my chunu. We will live a great life there.

Now rouse the real hassle of convincing parents of both sides. But out of sheer obstinacy Mr & Mrs Sen left for Stavanger, Norway leaving behind bleeding hearts. Little did they know what is waiting for them out there?

They took a small apartment in Nordea, Stavanger. The neighbourhood was crowed without any Bengali family around. Therefore no question of Durga Puja and Kali Puja. Malini hardly went outside. Either she gazed through the window or walk up to the terrace with Durgeshnandini, her daughter. This is the fab factor of Malini, she could be happy at any circumstance quite unlike Rajiv. Mr Sen was not happy with his earning, he knew he deserve more, so he gave more time to his work than to his family.

Things went on like this for a while. But soon new issues came up as Durgga became 3months old. They took her to the nearest health centre where she was diagnosed autism. Few days later on a Sunday evening two men arrived to their apartment. They are the representatives of the health centre. One man started questioning them while the other took away the baby in a pram for walk. Now the man in room asked a strange question- ‘how you would react if the child never comes back.’ Rajiv was in shock and while Malini succumbed in fear. They came to know that the child was taken away from them by the Norway government authority because of neglect from the parents. Durgga will now live with her foster parents to live a healthy life. Mr & Mrs Sen will get to meet her thrice in a month.

Rajiv walking in the hallway- listen Malini we will never accept this arrangement. We will challenge them in the court, move the media and take help from the Indian Government.

Malini- and what if everything fails

Rajiv- stop it malini

Malini- you never loved the kid, you always neglected her. This is the result of your misbehaviour

Rajiv- this is not the time for this Malini. We must stick to each other in all circumstances, that’s how we will cross all impediments in our way.

Malini cries out- All this is my fault. I should have never come to this godforsaken place. But it was for you I now bear this loss.

They fought and fought but never reached to any conclusion. Rather the distance between them widened with time. The authority never really cleared the air of the reason behind putting Durgga in a foster family. They adhere to the same issue of neglect by the parents.

After much effort by the couple the media took up the case. A movement started against the Norway authority in India and other parts of the world. Soon an arrangement was reached between Oslo and Indian Government. A relative of Rajiv i.e, Mohan his younger brother would become the legal guardian of the kid and take her back toIndia. The latitude of the incident was felt but it took a whole one year to finally complete the process. Now as per the court order they will get back the child within two days. These two days was the longest days in their life. They suffered from anxiety and panic. Hope lingered the very day when they finally saw Durgga.

At the court the couple couldn’t believe their eyes to see their kid after such long time. She is quite grown up now. She is looking extremely beautiful in her pink polka dotted dress. In her first encounter with Dora, the foster mother, Malini lost her sanity.

Malini-  you heartless women you took away my baby for money, how much money do you want, take it take it.

She started throwing money at Dora’s face.

Dora- you got is all wrong dear madam. She is our child now. Look how happy she is with us.

Malini- god will punish you

Here came the big ‘Moore’ to the whole situation. When the court asked to handover the responsibility of the kid to Mohan, the kid refused to let of her foster mother. She cried in pain as she tightly grabs Dora by her neck. This gave a new turn to the case. The court suggested if the kid is not ready to leave his foster parents we cannot force her. The court adjourned and Mr and Mrs Sen were left with no choice but to linger the case further.

They returned home at about 4 pm. Both were extremely tired,

Rajiv- please keep your trust in me, I will turn every rocks around to bring back our kid.

Malini silently walks towards him and slowly undressed him.  Malini kissed his neck and said- I trust you. I don’t blame you. I forgive everyone

They made the most passionate love making that evening without knowing it is their last encounter with each other. Rajiv felt asleep when Malini went to take a shower. She wore her yellow spaghetti and laid her long wet hair at the back.

She wrote a note- something to remember me by my dear Durgga.

And walked up to the terrace, took her snap and jumped from there.

We never got to know what happened next. But the gift she left of her daughter will be soon delivered. And she will always be remembered by Durgga as the mother for whom her child was everything.

NOTE: This is totally a work of fiction that does not represent actuality but has been invented.


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