A Life Full of Lies

Excerpt: I can no longer turn back the time. She can no longer wake up. I can no longer tell to her how much I truly miss her and love her. It was my father who belittled my mother! (Reads: 170)


It was meaningful when I was born.
They were happy seeing my eyes looking at them.
Both of them were eager to hug and embrace me.
That was the day my life was totally complete.

But, things changed…

They were both separated.
Then, I became sickly.
My mother left me.
And my father became a drunkard.

Years have passed and I am still longing to see her.
Then, God found her.
I was very happy, very, very happy.
But, never did I realized that after three decades of looking her, I found her on her grave.
She’s ten years dead and I never even saw her.
I never even touch her.
I never even hug her.
Nor did I even kiss her and tell her the words, ‘I miss you, mom. How long has it been?’.
I was devastated.
My heart was brokenhearted.
It was the most painful truth I’ve ever heard or seen in my entire life.
I truly missed her.

She was my mother.
She was really the one who gave birth to me.
She was the one who gave life to my existence.
She was my one and only precious love I’ve been longing for.
I hate father! I really hate him!
He was the one who knows everything, but he hid the truth to me.
The truth of my real mother’s existence and whereabouts.
And of course, he knows that I too, have three real brothers and not just stepbrothers or step sister.

I don’t know the reason why he hid all of it to me.
I live with my life in agony, in pain, in sorrow, in sadness.
Even the least happiness I’ve experienced cannot be compared to the fact that if he only told me,
If he only told me the truth… I was still able to see for the last time my real mom.

But… I cannot change it.

I can no longer turn back the time.
She can no longer wake up.
I can no longer tell to her how much I truly miss her and love her.
She’s already dead for ten years.
It was my father who belittled my mother!
It was my stepmother who bullied my real siblings!
It was my father who sold me for the sake of money!
It was my stepmother who forge my birth certificate!
How can they be so heartless?
I never did anything wrong to them.
I was a good child, kind and loving.
I did everything to make them happy.
But, they put my happiness in doom.
Am I not good enough to be his son?
Are my works not good enough to at least give me the happiness I wanted?
Didn’t they realized my worth for the past thirty years of my existence in them?
Am I not deserving for love to see my mother who gave birth to me?
How I wish that wherever they are, they will realize their mistakes.
I will let time heal my wounded heart.
I will let God’s Holy Spirit to guide and protect me.
I will pray to God that my happiness will still be worthwhile,
Today, tomorrow, the day after, and in the years to come.


About the Author


Reagan A. Latumbo is a lover of poems. He loves to write poems about all different things. Mostly based from his experience. He wrote straight from the heart. Some of his poems were published in HighOnPoems.com and PoemHunter.com. He also wrote some novels, both in English and Filipino language online. He is one of the contributor who submits stories, poems (both in English and Filipino language) wherein his two humor story skits were published in the Liwayway magazine Filipino language. Recently, his three one shot stories were included in three different self-published books while his three poems in Filipino language were also included as part of three self-published books.

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