The Doctor’s wife

Excerpt: The news had reached his ears that a man visits his wife in afternoon while he is away in the hospital. At first he did not believe anyone. (Reads: 183)



The doctor was hurrying for home. He was nervous, agitated, all the rumours that he had heard will be set to rest today. How can it happen with him he was thinking. Married for five long years with a little son how can she be unfaithful to him. Posted in a small town in Bihar the rumours had spread like wild fire.

Darbhanga is a district town in Bihar. He was posted there for the last three years in the government hospital. His wife Pooja was from Patna while he was from Kolkata.

“How can she do this”. The doctor thought.

The news had reached his ears that a man visits his wife in afternoon while he is away in the hospital. At first he did not believe anyone. But one day when he confronted his wife she had replied that she would not give any explanations to anyone.

“I have nothing to say. You can think whatever you want.” She had replied.

Hence the doctor thought to catch her red handed. His only friend in the town Naresh the lawyer who practised in the district court and was also his neighbour had called him half an hour back that to state that he had seen a man wearing olive green shirt and a rugged khaki trouser enter his house about forty minutes back.

When he reached his house the doctor pressed the calling bell. No body answered. After about two minutes his wife came out and opened the door, she was both surprised and terrified.

“You at this time? ” she stuttered.

The doctor brushed her aside and entered the house. The living room was empty. He entered his bed room and was stunned. A man wearing olive green shirt and khakiu trouser was sleeping in his bed with his back turned towards the door. The doctor could only see his back. So the rumours were true.

In a fit of rage he stepped forward and caught him by the collar of his shirt and pulled him up. When the man turned the doctor was stunned.

He was Akhilesh his brother in law who had left home and became a naxalite. Nobody had heard of him for the last three years. Still in a state of shock the doctor turned to his wife.

She replied “Yes its Akhilesh, the police are after him, so he comes to me some times in the after noon when you are away. I give him food and some money some times. I know everybody is putting questions on my character but my love for my brother stopped me from disclosing the real facts, not even to you. ”

The doctor was stunned. So it was his brother in law who was visiting his house in his absence. His wife had refused to divulge the secret with the fear that if he informed the police and they apprehend Akhilesh.

He learnt a real lesson in life. That love of a sister for her brother can surpass any dangers and even questions on her chastity. All the relations have their own place in life.


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