TIME TO CHANGE – Short Story Moral Lesson

Excerpt: It is story of someone I came across who all through his life lived a complicated life some times happy some times sad - A Short Story Moral Lesson (Reads: 7,007)


[Short Story Moral Lesson: Time to Change]

Short Story Moral Lesson

Short Story Moral Lesson

Hi friends here im back this 2012 i have been writing a lot of stories but this one really touched my heart its the story of some one i came across in my life who all through his life lived a complicated life some times happy some times sad he used to say this is my style of living he did not bother about his family or his relations all what he cared was just a set of friends which he choose by himself and he used to say that the the two rights a human has in life is to choose his or her life partner and friends but the rest are destined like one cant choose his colour his face his relations nor his parents its all given to him he had a totally new definition for life he used to cheat his parents grand parents and some time even rob from them and spend it on his friends left his house and strayed away with them all of his friends were very happy that they had him among them but my poor unfortunate friend did not know that they were using him but his mind was blind and ears were deaf his family tried a lot to bring him back home but it was in vain

Days passed funds were drying out and friends got disappearing one by one till one day he found himself all alone with no money and no friends around him not knowing what to do he was shattered and left out in wilderness he went in search of his friends but some refused to meet him and some rejected him this turned his life upside down he went from place to place in search for help but his heart did not let him go back home to his parents because he felt very bad that he had hurt ed them a lot in many ways he was ashamed to face them

I met him and advised him to go home back to his family but he refused i tried my best to convince him but it was in vain and one fine day he consumed poison and was lying down unattended and untouched by any one till some good soul took him to the hospital and got him admitted he was lying in the hospital almost dead just hoping for a miracle to happen for him  but some times as we say that good times come unexpected it happened to him some one gave information to his parents and they were there ready to help him they came all the way to meet him and took care of him spent thousands on his recovery and both mother and father embarrassed him hugged him and cried looking at his stage then they took him back with them home wow what a happy ending

Friends having friends is not bad but choosing them is very important because one good friend could change ur life and one bad friend could ruin ur life but above all just trust ur family love them and be there for them and they will be there for u all that stays with u forever in ur life till death is ur family but please have friends too because u need to know both good and bad in life


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