The Adventure Of Billy

Excerpt: Both king and queen were speechless to hear this amazing news!! They called Billy and praised his great cooking talent wholeheartedly. (Reads: 107)



Bed Time Story for Kids – The Adventure Of Billy
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Billy is a cute chubby boy, who draws everyone’s attention at first sight due to his bubbly nature and the habit of offering his own prepared sweets to anyone he meets. Actually when he was much younger, he tried to cook strawberry yoghurt flavored bubble gum which exploded as something might have gone wrong while cooking. But from then onwards he gradually improved his skills by continuing practicing his passion of cooking.

Actually the greatest desire of Billy is to be the best candy manufacturer of the country in future. As a small kid he not only loves to eat candies, but also loves to cook them himself. His knack in cooking is inherited from his father, who works as the Chief Chef of the royal kitchen in the palace of the king of his land. But unfortunately his father does not support his aim to be a good candy-maker as according to him candy-making cannot be counted as real cooking at all; though secretly he is proud for his son’s passion to work in kitchen. Billy loves cooking candy so much that even his bike carries a large case just behind the handles, which contains every necessary item for cooking so that he can cook a candy whenever he feels like.

He is greatly loved and admired by his friends who always praise his cooked candies and want his company for his funny nature. They keep on inspiring him on his ambition to be the greatest candy-maker of the land. Billy secretly desires to make a wonderland one day, which will be full of different types of tasty candies, all cooked by him. He spends his leisure time by reading cookery books or watching cookery shows coming up on television. Hence his candy-making skills have upgraded quite a lot since his first trial in childhood. Since he stays in the royal palace with his parents due to his father’s job, he always has the access to the royal kitchen where usually he gets everything that he needs to cook a candy or a desert.

One day he prepared a unique type of candy, based on a recipe he found in a book. It was a lemon flavored candy with a milk chocolate coating. He kept the plate of freshly prepared candies near the window, waiting the candies to cool down before he could taste them. He was sitting in his study table and doing his homework for the next day, when suddenly he heard a sound coming from the window. He turned round quickly and saw a pretty little bird pecking at his candies with its tiny red beak. Billy allowed the bird to continue eating the candies, as he always liked anyone who would appreciate his cooking. Suddenly the little blue bird turned into a fairy wearing blue gown and having blue wings too!! Billy was speechless by this surprise, when the fairy spoke to him very sweetly. She told him that she was very pleased with him because he allowed her to eat his candies which he cooked with so much effort. The blue fairy offered to take him to the Fairyland as his reward of kindness.

Billy was very happy and of course he agreed. The blue fairy held his hand and flew off! Within a few minutes, they reached a wonderful land, which Billy realized was the Fairyland. There he met with many other beautiful fairies. They decided to show him the whole Fairyland took him up on a flying boat. He was amazed by the superb beauty of this land with large colorful flowers in the gardens, waterfalls and green meadows with golden and silvery colored trees. Then he was taken to a place where he saw mounds of candies of various kinds, many of which he had never even heard of. He was told that he could eat and also take with him as much candy he wanted. But Billy wanted to know the recipes of these unique candies, so that he could prepare them himself after going back home. He politely asked the Fairy Queen if he could have those recipes. She was pleased with his honesty and touched him with her magic-wand. Instantly he found that all these recipes were in his brain and he could remember them anytime! Then the blue fairy took him back to his bedroom.

When he got up early next morning, he first thought that he just had a nice dream about the fairies. But when he saw those strange looking candies on his bed-side table, he realized that truly he had travelled to the Fairyland the previous night! He directly went to the kitchen after breakfast and tried to remember the recipes of those excellent candies and cookies he saw in Fairyland. To his amazement, Billy found that he could remember exactly all those recipes very easily.

With his father’s permission, he quickly cooked up a tasty pie and a delicious candy. Both the sweets smelled so good, that Billy asked his father if these new items could be served as deserts to the king and queen. After much hesitation his father finally agreed. Hence after the main course of the lunch, Billy’s father served his son’s cooked dishes to the royal couple. The king and queen both were highly pleased to taste these new items. They praised Billy’s father for cooking something so delicious, which they had never tasted before! Then their Chief Chef revealed the truth that these deserts were actually cooked by his 11 year old son Billy.

Both king and queen were speechless to hear this amazing news!! They called Billy and praised his great cooking talent wholeheartedly. Billy informed them about his ambition to be the greatest candy maker of the land. The king assured him of all possible support in his way towards the fulfilment of his goal of life. The queen told that they were proud to have such a brilliantly talented boy in their kingdom! Even his father admitted that Billy had truly got knack for making sweet dishes, which could make him the best candy-man of their planet! Thereby everyone knows Billy as the most talented candy-manufacturing boy in the country. Billy always thanks the fairies from his heart for their immense help in fulfilling his greatest desire.


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