Dingu the jumping frog and his friend Zuki the shy turtle – Short Story Kids

Excerpt: Short Story Kids : An adventurous story of journey by two friends Dingu the frog and his friend Zuki the Turtle across the river Roosi. (Reads: 1,079)


[Dingu the jumping frog and his friend Zuki the shy turtle – Short Story Kids]


Images [1] Jumping Frog & [2] Shy Turtle from www.cepolina.com

Dingu, the jumping frog, was going to his aunt who lived across river Roosi. Dingu, the jumping frog, had to hop almost whole day to reach river Roosi which was just five hundred meters away. Dingu asked her mom to pack tiffin for the way. Mom packed Dingu’s favourite “anty” sandwich with “spidy” sauce. Dingu, the jumping frog, bid bye to mom and started hopping towards river Rossi.

On the way, he met his friend Zuki, the shy turtle and said, “I am going to my aunt who lives across river Roosi. My mom gave me anty-sandwich with spidy-sauce that I shall eat on the way”. Zuki, the shy turtle, joined his friend Dingu, the jumping frog, and together they started going towards river Roosi.

After sometime Dingu, the jumping frog, felt hungry and stopped for little rest. He halved the anty-sandwich with spidy-sauce and gave one piece to his friend Zuki, the shy turtle. They both ate sandwich together and after little rest started their journey.

When duo reached river Roosi, Dingu started crying. River Roosi was very wide and Dingu, the jumping frog, was too small to swim across the river. Zuki, the shy turtle, was very good in swimming. Recently he also won “All Forest Swimming Competition”. He told Dingu, “Hop on my back and I shall take you across the river”. Dingu without wasting any time jumped on Zuki’s back and sat there firmly. Both friends crossed the river. Other side of the river, Dingu’s aunt was waiting for them. She took the friends to her house and served “bee-bee” pasta in dinner. After eating bee-bee pasta Dingu, the jumping frog, and Zuki, the shy turtle, said Good Night to aunt and went to their “leafy” beds to sleep.

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