Eid al-Adha: Festival of Sacrifice – Short Story for Kids

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[Eid al-Adha: Festival of Sacrifice – Short Story for Kids]

Dear Kids,

Today we are celebrating Festival of Sacrifice — Eid al-Adha. We celebrate this day to commemorate the ultimate and holy gesture shown by Prophet Abraham to sacrifice his that time only son Ishmael, in name of God.


Eid al-Adha: Festival of Sacrifice - Short Story for Kids

Many thousands years ago, Mecca valley was quite deserted place, unsuitable for any habitation. By God’s command, Prophet Abraham moved to Mecca with his wife Hajra and son Ishmael. Later he, by showing ultimate belief in God, left his family to the deserted valley and returned to Cannan. His family willingly agreed to stay in the desert by surrendering themselves to The Great God.

It became very tough to live for Hajra and Ishmael in the desert with very limited food and water. One day the ration was over. Hajra and Ishmael were exhausted with dehydration. They were wandering in the desert in quest of water, having full trust in God. One day Hajra collapsed and prayed God for help. Angel Gabriel stroked the earth and miraculously water sprang from the dry chest of the desert. This water source, known as Zamzam Well, became not only source of living for Hajra and Ishmael but also a life saviour for travellers passing through Mecca. After years, Prophet Abraham, on instruction of God, returned to Mecca and constructed, near Zamzam Well, a worship place known as Kaaba.

In one of the main trials of his life, Prophet Abraham, in his dream, was asked by God to sacrifice his that time only son, just 13 years old Ishmael. Prophet Abraham told this incident to his son. Little Ishmael without any hesitation agreed to sacrifice his life, showing belief in God. Satan tried to dissuade Prophet Abraham to go against God’s command. But Prophet Abraham drove away Satan by throwing pebbles at it. Finally when Prophet Abraham was about to sacrifice his son Ishmael, God intervened and called out to Prophet stating that his sacrifice was already accepted and he no more needed to sacrifice little Ishmael instead he could sacrifice a Dumba (a kind of sheep).

As a reward for this sincere intention for the utmost sacrifice, God blessed Prophet Abraham second son Ishaaq. God is great.

Today Mecca is thriving city and Kaaba is the most religious gathering place.

This day teaches us lesson of ultimate sacrifice of our most valuable possession to show our love and trust in The Almighty God. It also symbolizes willingly donation of our important means to others in order to strengthen relationships and friendships and to take care of needy and poor. Let’s celebrate the festival of sacrifice by vowing to make our lives meaningful and useful to others. Wish you all “Eid Mubarak”

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