Birthday Party – Family Short Story

Excerpt: Family Short Story: I went to sleep and only one thing was there in my mind all the time THE PARTY. I was waiting for the night to end and the party to begin. (Reads: 16,676)


Birthday Party - Family Short Story

Birthday Party – Family Short Story
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Once upon a time when I was in school I remember my best  friend called me late night on Saturday to invite me on her birthday next day. I was very happy and very excited to go there but I needed to take permission from my parents. I went to my Papa’s room and slowly asked him,

“Papa tomorrow is my best friends birthday and I really want to go.”

Papa said, “OK I dont mind but ask your mom.”

I went to Mom and said, “Dear Mom”

Suddenly she replied, “What do you want.”

I was like shocked, “Mom how do you know that I need to say something.”

She said, “The way you are talking shows that” and she smiled.

I asked her, “Mom, I want to go tomorrow.”

She said, “OK  you can go but u have to be back before 10.”

Then my preparations started. I made 1 card for my friend and start selecting cloths for the party, and finally everything completed and I went to sleep and only one thing was there in my mind all the time THE PARTY. I was waiting for the night to end and the party to begin.

Next morning my Mom was surprise to see me, no alarm, no Mom’s warning just I woke up by myself. The whole day had passed and now its party time. My father dropped me to my friends place and said me that he will be back at 10.

I said, “ok ok” I ran away..

I enjoyed a lot at party. My friend loved that card which I made for her and everybody in the party loved my  dress. I was on cloud nine. We had dinner, we played so many games and it was 10 finally. I remembered my Mom’s advice that I should be back till 10. I came out and start searching for my dad, but i could not be able to find him. I was so worried and scared, everybody was inside, I was alone there. I waited there for 5 to 10 min but waiting alone seems to be more than the time. I started walking, I thought at least I can go home by walking as my home was 20 min away from my friends place. As I was walking I was weeping as I have never walked alone on the road that too at night.

Suddenly I heard some one calling something. I was scared and I started walking fast. I thought some goon was there or some ghost… As i was walking fast I heard someone walking fast behind me. I started running and crying, then I saw some cars parked there. I hid behind those cars. I saw one shadow searching for me. I prayed to god to save me and to help me to reach home. After sometime I could not see that shadow. I came out slowly and ran towards my home. Finally I reached home. I hugged my mom  and I started crying. She started asking so many questions what happened,why you are crying and all but I was unable to answer any of them.

After sometime I relaxed and said everything to mom. She got scared and while we were discussing my father came and asked what happened. As soon as I started telling him my story he said,

“I saw you and I was screaming at you but you were running away from me and suddenly you disappeared. I was searching you there. I came late there as my tyre got puncture.”

My mom bursted out laughing and told my dad everything, I was shocked to hear that and felt relieved. My father hugged me and said,

“You should have wait there.”

My mom said, “You should be calm and strong in every situation.”

But they said they are really happy and  proud of me that I came home. That day I slept with my parents and really felt very safe and secure. Next day I went to school I told my friends everything that happened with me last night they heard everything and were surprise that I bravely face everything..

So that was the best party and adventurous night and great response from everyone… I loved that…


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