Excerpt: John decided that all four of them will cut the cake together and celebrate their most precious friendship with each other. (Reads: 147)



Children Short Story – FRIENDS FOREVER
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John and Anna are the best of buddies. Since their families shared same society, where they were living, the two kids friendship started from the age of three. They both use to play,study and go to school together.

One day, John and Anna wanted to celebrate their decade of friendship and decided to go to picnic in a park.

All arrangements were made by the two.Besides juices,cookies and sandwiches,John also got a chocolate cake which was Anna’s favorite.

As the park was nearby,both the friends walked down hand in hand. It was cloudy and breezy too. Both enjoying the weather spread the sheet on lush green grass and kept their basket. Just when John was taking out the cake from the basket, he heard someone shouting for help. Both John and Anna got frightened.Where Anna insisted to go back home, John decided to help that person.

“May be that man needs our help Anna” John said.

“But, i am really scared” Anna said.

“You stay here and let me see where is this voice coming from” said John.

“Be careful John” Anna said with shaky voice.

Taking slow and firm steps,John reached the bush where he could hear some noise. The moment he moved the leaves of bushes, to his surprise he saw a boy and a girl of his age standing together but in a very frightened posture. Further John noticed that there was a vey big,fat monkey in front of them who was snatching a bag from the girls hand.John used his wisdom then. He knew that monkeys are very good in copying. He picked up a small rock from the ground and threw away very far,hence diverting the monkey from the kids.Copying John,monkey also threw the bag from the girls hand little far.Immediately,monkey ran towards the side of the park where John had thrown the rock.Within the fraction of second,both boy and girl ran and picked up their bag and sped away.

Far from the sight,Anna could see John running with a boy and a girl who were coming towards her.Both the boy and girl thanked John and told him that they had come to the park to celebrate their friendship.But,as they were about to start a monkey saw them and wanted to take their bag full of chocolates and sandwiches.Anna and John exchanged looks with each other that how co-incidentally they also came to celebrate their friendship.

When Anna told her story to the boy and girl,all four had a good laugh.Further,John decided that all four of them will cut the cake together and celebrate their most precious friendship with each other.Meanwhile,kids were having gala time with each other,monkey was still searching what was that piece which John had thrown at such a distance in the park…


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