The Helping Butterfly

Excerpt: The grasshopper shouted loudly tee tee tee tee. The butterfly got very worried on hearing the grasshopper's tee tee sound. It went to fetch a nearby doctor or nurse. (Reads: 205)



Short Story For Children – The Helping Butterfly
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Once there was a grasshopper and a butterfly in the garden. They both lived together in harmony. The grasshopper was green and the butterfly was yellow and orange colored. The grasshopper ate insects and the butterfly drank nectar from flowers.

One day the grasshopper flew to some distance and fell down. The butterfly saw this and immediately ran to help her friend to save his life. The grasshopper shouted loudly tee tee tee tee. The butterfly got very worried on hearing the grasshopper’s tee tee sound. It went to fetch a nearby doctor or nurse.

The ants were marching back home with their king and queen. The butterfly asked a soldier ant for help. The soldier ant brought it’s doctor. The doctor looked at the grasshopper. It said, “he is seriously ill. I will apply a medicine to his injured leg. Maybe it may help.”

Now the butterfly took a long breath and a sigh of relief. She waited for the grasshopper to open it’s eyes. God listened to the butterfly’s prayer. The grasshopper opened it’s eyes. He was surprised to see the butterfly next to his bed. He asked the butterfly why she was sitting next to him. The butterfly told him everything. The grasshopper was very thankful to the butterfly for caring so much for him and calling a doctor for him. They both sat down and had supper. Then the butterfly said goodbye to him and they both promised each other to meet soon.

Butterfly was going back home. In the way, it met the soldier ant who had helped her friend grasshopper from recovering from illness. The soldier ant said that all the ant family was dying of hunger. Butterfly thought that it was her duty to help the ant as it had helped her in need. She took the soldier ant to her home. The soldier ant sat down on the table.

Meanwhile, the butterfly went to the kitchen. She opened a pot full of nectar. It was delicious. She had collected this nectar from flowers the whole summer. She gave this pot to the soldier ant saying may be this might help. The soldier ant was delighted. It asked the butterfly to light the fireplace. It would dry the nectar in the pot on the fire and collect the crystals of sugar. It used the telephone at the butterfly’s house to call the other ants. In this way each ant would carry a crystal of sugar on it’s back and go back home.

The butterfly asked each ant to drink a glass of water. All ants that came had dry throat. They had travelled a long distance from home to the butterfly’s house. Each ant thanked the butterfly for water and the sugar crystal.

In this way, by the story we get the moral that we should help each other.


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