FINDING ASHLEY- An Earthworm’s Tale

Excerpt: This is the story of an earthworm, Alice, who discovers God's methods of saving lives through her younger sister, Ashley. (Reads: unavailable)


It was a warm and moist day when Ashley, the earthworm and her family were basking in the yard of Mrs. Spencer. She was an old lady who never bothered to step out of her house and thus it was a peaceful place for Ashley’s family. They were chatting about the importance of earthworms in the lives of human beings. Ashley said, ” Its surprising that after so much we do for humans and their soil, they do not consider us important and think of us as useless tiny creatures.” Her elder sister Alice replied, “Its not like that, Ashley! There are farmers who understand our importance and use us before planting saplings because we make the soil fertile.” After this the entire family joined the conversation giving their esteemed views on ‘The importance of earthworms’

Suddenly a thick, dark cloud covered the sun and within two minutes it started to rain heavily. All the earthworms quickly rushed into their burrows. Alice realized that Alice was missing. She peeped out of her burrow and what she saw was devastating. Her only sister was drifting away with the flow of rain water. She was trying but was unable to hold onto anything that could help her to return. Alice was watching her drift away but slowly she was moving out of her sight.

An hour later, when the rain stopped the entire family searched for little Ashley but they were unable to find her. Probably she got displaced with the rain to some far-off location. Alice was sitting on a ball of mud when she saw old Mrs Spencer come out of the house in ages. She was wearing her typical buttoned coat and was carrying a bucket and a spade. She came to the yard and started digging mud and putting it carelessly into the bucket. It was for her mini-garden that she had in her backyard. The mud here was fertile and she used to transfer it to her garden to grow flowers there.

While putting mud in her bucket, she even threw Alice inside it. Alice was old enough to come out but she was putting more and more mud into the bucket. Finally she picked up the bucket and started walking casually towards her garden. Alice was shocked! Though she knew the way from the garden to the yard, it would take her all day to return home. Today was the day when her entire family was getting separated. First Ashley was gone and now she was being carried away from her beloved family.

Finally Mrs Spencer reached her garden and dropped the mud from the bucket into a small pit and started pressing it with her monstrous spade. Alice was about to get hurt by the edge of the spade when a tiny creature saved her life. It was her sister Ashley! There were no boundaries to the happiness she experienced. There were tears in her eyes.

But when Ashley opened her mouth, Alice realized how mature her little sister was. She said, “You know what Alice, when I ended up here in this pit I was clueless about what I would do and then I remembered mother’s words. She always said that whenever  in trouble, just pray to God for He always sends an angel to us that helps to save our lives. I think Mrs Spencer was the angel who brought you here to save me.” I hugged my little sister and we started our journey back home.


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