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Moral Short Story for Children – Wisdom Wins
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In a particular town there lived some businessmen. Wherever they went, they used to go together. Once they travelled very far, and returned home with lot of money which they had made by selling the goods they had taken with them. There was a thick forest on the way, where they reached there one early morning. In that thick forest two robbers were hiding in the bushes. However, the businessmen were not aware of it.

When the businessmen were still in the middle of the forest area the robbers suddenly came before them.  With weapons in their hands, they ordered the businessmen to put down all they had with them. The businessmen had not carried any weapons with them.

So even though they were more in number, they are forced to submit to the robbers.  The robbers took away everything the businessmen were having including the wrist watch they were wearing.

The thought that they had overpowered five businessmen and looted all their belongings, started flashing in the minds of the robbers. They sat like kings before the businessmen they had just looted.  They then ordered the businessmen to dance in front of them before they could return home. The businessmen lamented for their destiny. They had lost everything they had and still the robbers were not satisfied with the loot and made them to dance.

Among the five businessmen, one businessman was very smart. He thought over the misfortune that had happened to him and his friends. He was thinking about the dance they would have to do, and the manner in which the robbers were sitting on the ground. While thinking so, he observed that the robbers had kept their weapons on the ground. The robbers, in the thought of having thoroughly fooled the businessmen were also started dancing along with the businessmen.

Since one businessman had already noticed that the robbers had kept their weapons on the ground, he signalled his friends about the same and suddenly they took the weapons in their hands and bounced on the robbers. The robbers did not expect this and so they got frightened. They somehow relieved themselves from the clutches of the businessmen and started running. Thus the businessmen could save themselves and the valuables in the nick of time.

Moral: Wisdom wins!


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