A Strange Encounter

Excerpt: I am about to share an experience of mine of a frightening encounter. It is somehow unbelievable and you may not believe me, but I hope you will listen (Reads: 2,014)


Kids Short Story – A Strange Encounter

Kids Short Story

Kids Short Story – A Strange Encounter
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I am about to share an experience of mine of a frightening encounter. It is somehow unbelievable and you may not believe me, but I hope you will listen and treat it as a story.

It all happened a year ago, when I was still very naughty, naïve and spent a lot of time wasting on television, video games and chatting with friends.

One day, my friends suggested us going out for a walk at a park outside the house of one of my friends. We agreed as we were bored and had nothing to do. Time was not early and the sun was about to set, despite that, we went out to stroll while eating our snacks and were fooling around. We were enjoying our time and we didn’t notice the weather had changed bad. Suddenly, rain fell on our heads like a storm in the blue and it became heavy in brink time.

We managed to find a shelter in a cave as quickly as possible. However, we were all soaked wet and it became to get cold. Night was approaching and before that we hadn’t know how long we had gone out to play and our parents must have been worried sick. It had been raining like cats and dogs and it seemed to be impenetrable for us to brave the rain.

We decided to wait for a little longer, then out of expected, three figures came from inner of the cave and attacked each of us with some weapons. I was astonished and didn’t know how to react and before seconds I was stunned and my world went black. It was impossible to know how long before I regained my senses. I saw only blackness and I was frightened, soon I realized I was masked.

I had a thought of being kidnapped, and this hurt my feelings a lot. I was worried and regretted coming to that place. After a while I heard two voices talking. I mentioned as two voices because the languages they talked I couldn’t recognize. To the truth I hardly believe there was such a language in the world. I wanted to know where I was, actually we were, and who they were. I wanted to know what on earth was happening.

I shouted loudly at them, but I was afraid they were going to hurt me and I kept silent. They spent some time before answering in Mandarin that they comforted me not to be afraid and everything was all right. I was surprised they spoke my language and later I asked quite a few questions and they answered them honestly. They seemed to be friendly and not harmful, but they didn’t tell who they are and where we were.

They eventually had a strange request “What is your hope at this time besides of getting released? We will release you but promise me not to tell anyone about this incident. We have done  mistakes and getting you and your friends here is just an accident and we apologies. Say, what do you want?”

It was a strange question and I didn’t know how to answer. They spoke more gently and said just treated as a general talking with friends. At that time I told them I would like to be a better student and had more respect to my parents and other people in my life. They laughed and praised me a good boy. I was soon released and sent back to the park where we came from. They unmasked me and went away. I could only see them in black uniform or suits and had their faces covered with masks. I thought they were all tall and slim and they drove a strange motor van and left.

I talked to my friends but they seemed to know nothing and remained what it was like when we were playing. I discovered they really didn’t recall what has happened and asked me to go home. I felt terrible and upset. Strangely, it seemed this incident took not a long time but we still got scolded for getting home late. I felt confused about this incident afterwards, thinking about myself being imaginative and crazy. Till the end I believed myself, and I didn’t think I had done wrong.


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