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Excerpt: Have you heard of Marut,the Monkey?No? Not yet? Oh ,then, you can listen to this story and get to know who is Marut, the Monkey . (Reads: 8,166)


Have you heard of Marut,the Monkey?No? Not yet? Oh ,then, you can listen to this story and get to know who is Marut, the Monkey .

Marut was a very cute little monkey known in his town for his honesty and generousity. On a very sunny day, Marut left to a near by town to explore it. On reaching this new town, he realised that he has forgot to carry his bag and money with him. However, he continues to wander all streets and parks and it gets dark. Marut looks for food to eat and he finds a fruit stall. He, being a very honest monkey, he decides to tell the fruit vendor about his situation.


Marut Monkey & Bananas – Kids Short Story with Pictures

Marut stands in front of the stall and he sees a big banana bunch and gets tempted to eat. Being new to the town, the vendor asks Marut, which fruit he likes to eat.

Marut says ‘I like banana, a lot’.

The fruit vendor says ‘Sir, these bananas are the best you will not get such banana anywhere else’.

Marut , being a fruit lover, he says ‘ I can not agree to what you say. I have tasted all types of bananas in my town’.

Fruit vendor gets a little upset and challenges Marut that if he tastes one, he would love to have more.

Marut accepts the challenge and says ‘ I shall taste the banana and then buy from you’ .

The fruit vendor plucks a banana from the bunch and gives it to Marut. Marut takes one bite and gets lost in the taste, he takes bigger bite and more bites. With in a second, he finishes eating the whole banana.

He tells to the vendor, ‘ Sir, this banana was definitely great in taste, are you sure that the other banana is also as great as the one I had now?’

The vendor is very happy to know that the bananas at his shop is best, and feeling happy he offers one more banana and says ‘ Sir, you may have one more banana and tell me is it same or better’.

Marut gets one more banana and he enjoys every bite of the banana. Overwhelmed by Marut’s opinion, he hands over more bananas one after the other. In short time Marut gets to eat all the bananas in the bunch.

On realising the bunch is empty, the fruit vendor says ‘ Sir, you have eaten all my bananas. Please pay me for the bananas that you have eaten. One banana costs Rs 5 and so 50 bananas is going to cost…..???’

Marut replies quickly ‘ Its Rs 250!’.

The fruit vendor is happy that Marut did a quick calculation.

Marut puts a sad face and says ‘ Sir, I want to apologise. I do not have any money with me right now. But I promise that I will pay you before dawn. I came from the neighbouring town and in hurry, forgot to carry money with me’.

The fruit vendor’s face turns red with anger and shouts at Marut ‘ Do you know how difficult it is to get those bananas from a special plantain plant , located at a far village? You had all the bananas and now, making a lame excuse ? I’m not going to spare you’. The fruit vendor looks out for a stick to hit Marut.


Kitty Cat and Marut Monkey – Kids Short Story with Pictures
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In a flash Marut fled to escape the beatings from the fruit vendor. He keeps running without a break till he reaches his town. On entering his town, Kitty , a cat recognises Marut and shouts,

‘Hey Marut , where are you running? Why are you in such a hurry and look worried?’

Marut graps for breathe and replies ‘ Hello Kitty, I made a very big mistake. I went to the neighbouring town and had lot of bananas and did not have money to pay the vendor. He was very upset and about to hit me. I need to hurry up and pay him back my dues. See you soon’.

Kitty was shocked to hear, as she knew Marut was always honest and was wondering why this happend?

Marut reaches his home and quickly looks for his purse with money. He runs like a cheetah to the fruit stall and hands over Rs 250 to the fruit vendor. The fruit vendor who thought that Marut would never return, was surprised to see him. He puts up a smiling face and thanks Marut.

Marut grasps for breathe and says’ Sir, Sorry for the foolish act of mine. Thank you very much for feeding me with those delicious bananas. I shall be ever grateful to you.’


Apple and Marut Monkey – Kids Short Story with Pictures

The fruit vendor gives him couple of apples as token of appreciation for Marut’s honesty.

Marut thanks him and starts walking towards his town. On his way back, he notices a squirrel sitting quitely on a tree branch with a pale face and no energy to move his tail.

Marut asks the squirrel  ‘ Hey what happened? Why are you looking so tired?’

Squirrel replies ‘ I did not get any food since night. I’m very hungry and feeling tired’. On hearing this, he empathises the situation and shares the apples with the squirrel . The squirrel thanks the Marut for his act of generosity and they become great friends .

Marut makes many more friends in the new town and his honesty and generosity becomes the talk of the town.


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