Those Two Monsters – Short Story of Family

Excerpt: Short Story of Family: Little Abhinav woke up from sleep mid-night that day. He heard a scream & it scared him. He heard noises from his parent’s room. (Reads: 458)


WSPI-2012-03: Those Two Monsters – Short Story of Family

This short story is participating in Write Story from Picture India 2012 – Short Story Writing Competition

Those Two Monsters - Short Story of Family

WSPI-2012-03: Those Two Monsters - Short Story of Family

Little Abhinav woke up from sleep mid-night that day. He heard a scream & it scared him. He heard noises from his parent’s room. Slowly he went towards the room and found his mom crying out in pain. His dad was talking in phone with someone.

“Abhinav! Mummy is having stomach pain, I’m taking her to hospital. Rupa aunty will be here. Go with her & I will pick up you later…”

“No. I will not go…” cried out Abhinav.

“Be a good boy , Abhinav. What will your sisters think about you then?”  His mom asked him over the pain.

His parents had already prepared him about the baby sister’s arrival. Abhinav is five & his mother was expecting twins. Abhinav wanted only baby sisters to play with him. Little brothers generally fight with you for bat, ball and toys his friend Rahul had warned him already.

Rupa aunty came & took Abhinav home. Next day she took him to hospital.

“Look at your baby brothers Abhinav” his dad took him near the crib. Contrary to everyone’s expectation it was twin baby boys.

“They look beautiful isn’t?” his mom asked

Abhinav looked at them. They were very tiny and sleeping. No he didn’t find them beautiful and don’t like them at all. They will soon start fighting over his toys.

Despite his cries Abhinav was sent to Rupa aunty’s home for few days. This is the first time Abhinav was away from home, why should he be sent to his aunty’s home when twins are with his parents. He was there till his grandparents came & took him home

Abhinav couldn’t understand why are they crying most of the times? Last time when Abhinav cried for a bat, mom had told only bad boys cry. They should definitely be bad boys, he thought.

“Why everyone coming home is bringing them dress and toys? Why no chocolates for me?” Abhinav asked his father.

“You too got it when you were tiny…you won’t remember it now” his dad replied him.

No his dad is wrong, Abhinav doesn’t remember anyone bringing him clothes. They always brought only chocolates or sweets. Not new dress or toys! Also everyone coming home is exclaiming how cute they are. How do people find them cute? He was always told as sweet looking boy. Why no one is saying such things now?

Nowadays his mom is always busy with either of the twins & his dad too is with them most of the time. Mom is not even helping with his homework & his grandparents are always shouting at him asking him to stop playing pranks. Abhinav hated the twins deeply and wanted them to be out of home.

This Monday Abhinav was very hungry while coming back from school. His mom doesn’t keep snacks ready these days. She asked him to take a biscuit from fridge and was feeding milk to one of the twins. His granny was feeding the other twin. He grabbed the feeding bottle from his mother hand to get attention. His little brother started crying and his mom slapped him! That is the first time she had slapped him. All because of these brothers, who wanted them? Abhinav was crying till his mom came, cajoled him and said he should be a responsible brother.

Today his father was working in a laptop. Abhinav went and sat near him. His dad started playing word puzzle with him and promised to get him the Wii game too.  Abhinav was happy because after a long time his dad wasn’t with twins & playing with him. Then he saw that & froze.

The laptop wallpaper which used to be Abhinav standing near his father’s car is changed. It’s now the picture of twins in identical dress. Those two monsters even came to laptop’s wallpaper. Abhinav started crying. He knows he too is becoming a bad boy…But those two monsters…….


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