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Excerpt: That was the day which changed my life completely. It was Karan's birthday and after college he was giving treat to us so, everybody planned to go out for lunch.We were all exited. (Reads: 477)


Waww..!!! After three days there is a reunion party in my college. I am so exited. I really can’t believe that after two year I am going to meet my gang, my best buddies again. I am sure everybody is going to be there, and for sure I am also going. I had the world’s best friends in my life. We called our group as “SPARK”.

S stands for Sidharth, ya.. that’s me. P stands for Piyush, cute as well as intelligent, A stands for Anisha, the most beautiful girl of college. R stands for Riya, she was Anisha’s best friend and last but not least K stands for Karan, rich, dashing , handsome, good looking guy, but at the same time, very kind hearted. Today I am living a normal life, just because of my friends….

It was colleges first day, everyone in college was exited, but I was the one who was looking nervous, I was worried about the ragging in college, so, I was waiting for Piyush in campus, he was my friend from school times, and we both took admission in same college.

I was just standing quietly, on one side, and was I was called by someone. Guess who?? Karan. He came near me and said ‘ Hi buddie, Karan.’ I just replied ‘ Hii.. I am Sidharth.’ He sensed that I was little worried so he asked me the reason so I said  ‘I am litle worried about ragging. I heard many things about this college and the raaging incidents.’
Then he replied in his cool way ‘Common ya, what’s there to worry in that, it’s all part of college life so you should enjoy each part of this’ and at the same time Piyush enters and I introduced Piyush to karan. And after a short intro we all moved towards the classes.

As we were entering the college, we were stopped by group of seniors they were four to five people, if I remember. One of them was so huge and had big beard, he kind of looked scary. He stopped us and started teasing us and pulling our leg and started ragging us. He said in his senior attitude ” Where are you from? Don’t you know everyone should wear formals on 1st day” and I suddenly got scared because I was wearing jeans and t shirt and I was not at all aware of it and started apologizing ‘ I am really sorry. I did not know about this rules and I was not even informed and… ‘ I did not even finish and everyone started laughing. I felt so embarrassed.

Then a girl from that group who was beautiful, she was wearing jeans and crop top. I must agree she looked cute.

She stopped two girls who were passing from there and asked us to propose them. By hearing that I have to propose a girl I was so horrified, I have never proposed to girl and was so shy person that I never use to speak to girls. So
when seniors asked us to propose the girls, Karan just went near the girl ,sat on his knee and proposed that girl “I love You” and came back now it was my turn and i was so nervous, but luckily principal entered, so I was saved.

Later Karan felt that he should ask sorry to the girl so he went to those girls and said ‘Hey hi, I am Karan and sorry for all that” and Anisha turned and said ‘ Hey it’s ok chill.”

That was the very moment when I saw Anisha closely and felt that she was like a angel, she was so beautiful that I was just looking at her and was masmarized by her beauty. I just stared her like a idiot.
I was so lost that I did not even notice that Karan was introducing me to her. Her name was Anisha and I thought what a pretty name just like her.

Piyush already noticed me starring anisha so he said teasing me ‘Dude at least say hi to preety lady. I think he is really lost somewhere. Anyway hi.. I am Piyush. She replied with smile ‘Hi.. Anisha and this is my friend Riya.’
Riya was also a cute girl but little desi. She was wearing a nice kurti with jeans. She looked really simple but very cute. I think Piyush liked her.

As time passed we all got to know each other very well. We use to have so much fun together, we use to go for long drives, campaigns ,trips together, we bunked college together, prepared for exams, wholly we were best friends together now.

We had a good understanding and now no one could break our friendship. Everything was going so good, but one day, my life’s worst secret had to come out, which I never shared with any one…

That was the day which changed my life completely. It was Karan’s birthday and after college he was giving treat to us so, everybody planned to go out for lunch.We were all exited.

So after college we were waiting at bike stand for the girls, asusal girls never come on time.

And finally they arrived. We were about to leave and I got a call, I just disconnected it. That guy again called me and again I disconnected. So by observing me Karan said Pick the call na, why are u disconnecting it again and again’ and I just replied that ‘I will talk later’ and said ‘Come on let’s go or else will be late” I tried to divert him, but I again got a call, now I have to pick the call so I went to one side received the call.

That guys was so angry that before I say hello he started scolding me. He said ‘Abe kaminey, why the hell you don’t pick my call ha.’

I said ‘ Bhai please, please atleast hear me once.’

He said angrily ‘Why?? Why?? Should I listen to you ha, I just want my money, you took drugs from me and now you are not paying the money, you know if you don’t pay, you know what can i do.’

I was so horrified that I started begging him ‘ Please bhai, just give me some days I will surely pay your money, for all the drugs I took from you. You know me well I will not run anywhere just give me some time’ and I started convencing him.

He said ‘ Okay… three days bus. You got it’ and hanged the phone. As I turned I was shocked I saw my gang standing there stunned. Yes drugssss…., I was a drug addict and nobody in my gang knew about it nor i shared with them, because I was worried that after knowing this truth they would not accept me as there friend.

But as all say none can hide anything from friends, and that day everyone in gang got to know about my secret. When I was talking to that dealer four of them were standing behind me, and they listened my conversation with that guy. After knowing truth everyone was shocked and as expected everybody just blasted on me.

Piyush said ‘You are a such liar dude.. From so many days you was hiding your truth. I was your childhood friend and even I did not even get a hint about it. If I knew this before I would have never been friends with you” he was so angry that he would have killed me that day. Not only Piyush but everybody was angry on me.

Anisha just came near me and gave a tight slap and said ‘You do not deserve our friendship you backstabber. If you had problem you would have come to us but you took drugs.I will never forgive you’

All were shouting at me but not Karan. Atlast he spoke up ‘Guys, guys, come on, now stop saying all this, he is our friend at least let’s try to know the problem”. And he turned towards me and asked me ‘Come on now shoot, tell us everything, why do u do all this, what is wrong with you??? What is the problem”
And I just said what my heart said ‘When I was a kid I lost my parents in a car accident, after that I was staying with my uncle, my uncle was very nice man but my aunt…. She did not wanted me to stay at their home. She always use to torture me. I was very frustrated. When I was in 10th class, my friend forced to try that, n frankly I really felt good. After that twice or thrice I tried but now a day I cannot control myself.’ I turned towards Anisha and said ‘ U known something, from the first day of college I liked you, no actually loved , but you was always fond of Karan, and that broke my heart so, again I started taking drug again.Guys I am not a bad guy, I know What I am doing is wrong, but guys I can’t control myself, I feel like if I don’t take drug I will die.’ and I just fell on the ground crying and begged them ‘Guys plzzz… don’t leave me like this plz, plzz help me, you guys are my life, if you all only will leave then I really can’t live, plzz guys don’t leave me alone, plzzz…’

Then slowly they came near me and asked me to get up and said ‘You idiot, stupid, why we will leave you, actually we are not leaving you,you are going to leave taking this drugs. Today you have to promise us that you are not going to take drug again.’ and I  promised that day that I will never touch the drug again in my life and just hugged them.

After that, as promised I never touched drugs again in my life. I had to face many problems, but I was happy that my friends were with me. They were my support system, without them I would not be able to leave drugs. My friends have given me this second life. My friends are my life, my everything, I am just totally incomplete without them. Today I am living a normal life just because of my friends.

After graduation we all got busy in our jobs, but still we are in touch by phones, and after a long time I am going to meet them again, waww.. I am so happy.


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