What life brings us!

Excerpt: I love you, I’m your best friend even if I’m not with you physically I’ll look for you all the time whether you are still single or you are going on a date, (Reads: 211)



Friends Short Story – What life brings us!
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When your day starts perfectly you shouldn’t have that mind set that today will be rocking . You never know what life brings to you the next second or may be couple of hours later….

That day is one day of my life which would be counted as the day I got the reason to live. The perfect day had started I woke up to my pet licking me with love, I got a text from my best friend “hi love, good morning “. It was going to rain for sure I could sense because of sweet smell of the soil and off course from the chill in the air. I went for a walk and had one thing on my mind “will I ever end up putting eyeliner properly “ . College was about to start so I thought for the initial days ill go there with my eye makeup done properly . I walked, played with a stray puppy and came back home all happy . I took my shower, changed into my favorite dress and practised my eyeliner session. To my surprise today it looked ravishing “yeah I did it”…… my day was happy but not for long.

I saw a call from my friend’s number, what can be more happening , you all are dressed up and your friend calls you , I thought it would surely be for a movie or something but when I heard what it was for my heart skipped a beat !

“oye sun ! Harsh is badly injured, he got into an accident, and he is bleeding badly you come here sooner than soon “

I could not react to the call for almost 10 minutes, a day before on Saturday night he was dancing with me on Rihanna’s hits and now he is all bleeding … I stormed out of my house, it would be 6 pm for sure cause the twilight gazed me back with a wry expression . I panicked and was on my scooty before anybody could ask me where are you going? My speed was at least eighty kilometers per hour. After thirty minutes of frantic driving I reached AIIMS hospital. I ran to the reception and got to know that he was admitted in ward number nineteen. I ran to catch the lift but was already late. I took the stairs lost my footing twice because of all the panic and was there seeing all my friends and Harsh’s relative sitting and crying silently. Was I already late?

I asked my friend “is he alright “

“no, he is not “

Hearing that a tear streaked down my cheek washing away all my strength and courage. I sat on the steel bench thinking of all the happy times we had shared together. He was my best friend, just this morning he wrote that cute text to me “hi love, good morning “ I saw my inbox and stared at that message reading it again, typing “ I’m good when are u coming to pick me for a movie I’m all dressed up “ no reply came . He did not even read it, I started sobbing.

After twenty minutes a doctor dressed in all white and green came out telling us he is perfect and out of danger. Harsh’s relatives (just neighbors) went in and talked to him. After waiting for five minutes I had my turn to slap that bas##rd hard for that rash driving he did and caused all of us this. I went inside and started crying seeing him in all bandages. I couldn’t utter a word, I sat there and cried he said “hey I’m all right don’t worry. I know nobody is going to marry you so I have to stay alive to tie a knot “

“Shut up “ I said crying and he smiled .

He was the one who was consoling me that he is ok when it should have been other way round. I left the hospital smiling thinking that at the end everything was fine, he was tucked inside a blanket and was sleeping. I went home it was already 9 :30 . I changed to my home wear and went online.

I was talking to a friend and was playing a game (where people ask each other questions because they don’t know what to talk about) , I again got a call from my friend this time I was already scared “what now ? “

He said reach AIIMS as soon as possible.

I did not change my clothes, again was on my scooty and it was raining now. The sodium lamps that gave a yellow light to the dark dusk which I always loved seemed pathetic today. They were giving me pale thoughts about something wrong is going to happen. I reached and got to know some internal bleeding took place and the blood clotted inside (fatal). His family was nowhere to be seen because they were in Manali. There were just his neighbors.

After sometime we all were allowed to talk to him , neighbors talked to him for a few minutes and headed to their homes telling us that they had some important work pending . Me and my friend walked inside , he was lying calmly as if nothing has happened

“ you are still here aisha , I told u na baba i’ll be ok u should have not come back , stupid girl “

“yeah I know but you look mighty handsome in these bandages so I came to check you out again “ I laughed .

My friend left us seeing that we were talking mostly nonsense. We talked a lot. He told me he had a crush on me and I giggled .

“hawww don’t it out “

Yeah ok !!!5

We talked and he told me he got this feeling that he will die soon and he is still getting that feeling, he was nervous still he joked , “but what if I die please don’t drown into depression like u had after your breakup with that guy ,what was his name ,sajal right “

“you will be all fine, stop haunting me with these words and yeah please no talking about him “

Every time he did not say a word and slept for more than 10 minutes I panicked, harsh ? I said

“Yeah I’m still alive Aisha!” he said

I could see him getting weak with his breath and the monitor beeping, I called the doctor, he checked and told me that you need to see the monitors carefully cause he is still not out of danger.

I started weeping right in front of Harsh, he took my hand in his and said “hey I love you, I’m your best friend even if I’m not with you physically I’ll look for you all the time whether you are still single or you are going on a date, whether your almirah is neatly stacked or u have missed on a movie u so wanted to see! don’t worry na!”

“you are strong harsh you’ll be just fine stop talking shit”

“Yeah I’m strong enough to kick u on your butt and to tell u please for god’s sake forget that guy now !”

I smiled still scared ..

He moved closer and said, I love you and I’ll always be there for you.

I was about to mock that I don’t love you a bit and you are a jerk but before I could have said any of this he closed his eyes. The monitors stopped beeping.

He went leaving me all alone crying, my hand was still in his when doctor told me “he is no more”

It was 4 am when he left me saying that he loved me, if he did why did he leave me all alone .I was crying openly now not just weeping crying loud enough for him to listen and come back to wipe my tears he did not return . he was being rude. I dialed his number and after few minutes of his ringtone I heard “may be I am busy at this moment or I don’t wanna pick up your call. leave me a message “ his voice .the eyeliner for which I was so happy in the morning had all wiped out, my eyes were red from all the crying and I did not care at all.

I cried a little before crying more. I was sent out of the ward and the doctor who saw me crying openly told me to freshen up and go home. I sat there like a corpse. I did not move an inch. Seeing me crying an aged lady came and sat next to me “what happened love”

“My friend died” how could I say it so easily I thought in my head and wanted to beat myself.

“Do you want to see your friend again “she asked

My eyes gave her my answer and she motioned me to follow her. We walked in a room where a new born took birth. He was cute, he was crying aloud and I could sense that he was harsh for sure I saw that baby and that lady could make out I have met my friend again .” his name is harsh” ,she said

The twinkle in my eyes was easy for her to catch, she told me that I could hold the baby and the mother smiled at me and gave the baby to me, I got hold of him,he was so cute not crying anymore, he clutched at my finger and in my head I could make out harsh saying “said na I love you and ill always be around you “

“Hi harsh welcome once again, you look a lot cuter now “I said looking at the newborn and he clutched my finger again.

I left for my home, calm, not crying anymore. I know whenever I want him to sing for me he would be there for me with his loads of recordings he sent me and told me “don’t you dare share them with anyone”

I reached home heard him singing “I’m only one call way ,i’ll be there to save the day, superman got nothing on me I’m only one call way “

I slept and I saw him in my dreams telling me please look out for some one else he was not the one for you! I smiled and I missed him.

That day I realized in fiction life always has to be convincing in real it does not has to. You may loose people you love but they actually never leave you .they are always holding on to you whenever you need them and for them to be happy you need to stay happy. The soul word is true, believe in that word and you will always find you loved ones near you.

For now I had an aim in life. I knew I loved babies but never knew I would want to be gynaecologist . I love u harsh I muttered under my breath.


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