Tales told differently

Excerpt: Aryan's heart sank. The only girl he would be happy to have a future with , had now become a puppet of his enemy's. He walked into the classroom. (Reads: 398)


This story is winner of the ” Tales told Differently” competition.


Participation entry by- Mani Wadhwa– SRCASW- for Tales told Differently,

Fiction writing competition organized by Inklings, the Literary Society of SRCASW.

Theme – Everyone thinks your super power is super intelligence, in reality, your power is lowering the IQ of those around you.

“Why did you do this? You filled his mind with gross, that he would do better in sports while he topped in his academics. And now he is a jack in both. For the first time I have seen my parents being disappointed in him.” said Aryan in a cold voice almost losing his temper.

“Disappointed? But why ? Though he would take time, but one day he’s going to be a champion. Moreover, I haven’t done anything to manipulate him, it was always within him, the passion to be an athlete.” said Aditya.

“Enough!” shouted Aryan, “Why is it that you always see the passion in those whom you can’t compete in studies? Why is it that you become a promising astrologer for all those love sick toppers who poses you a threat to become one. An enemy is better than a friend such as yourself. Everyone thinks your super power is super intelligence, in reality; your power is lowering the IQ of those around you. It is a pity that only I can see through your pretenses. Mark my words, I will make sure you don’t succeed in your endeavors.”

Aditya opened his mouth to argue but Aryan has already left. Aditya went back to Priya who was jumping excitedly on her seat and waiting to hear their story. “What happened? he looked a little pissed off” asked Priya.

“Yeah” Aditya agreed, “he thinks that I deliberately distracted his brother, Varun from studies. Also he accuses me of various other things as well.”

“He looked cute even with anger on his sharp features” said Priya who turned bright pink. “Are you even listening to what I am saying” said Aditya with disgust. Before Priya could say anything he felt a little heartbreak. All four of them shared the same classroom but very different perspectives.

Days went by and Aryan started thinking about what he could possibly do to make Aditya pay. He started talking bad about him to his friends as well as teachers. But he failed to convince either of them. Firstly, teachers were too much lured by aditya and second, his friends won’t listen a word against him. Aryan thought of another plan. He tried to make aditya love-sick so that his mind becomes unfocused. He thought it to be simple task as Aditya was not just a geek, he was simply handsome as well, a fact he unwillingly accepted. But to his surprise he faced a difficulty here as well. Whomever he talked with regarding their interest in aditya, each of them agreed to fancy him but they were completely adamant that he was too good for them.  Final exams were coming near and the preparations were also on the fullest. Unable to find any way to distract Aditya, Aryan finally sat down to study hard.

One fine morning when Aryan was approaching the class early, he heard someone talking in the class. For an unexplained reason , he didn’t enter and instead put his ears to work. ” Go and tell Aryan that you love him” said Aditya in a troubled voice. “Very well then ” said Priya cheerfully, ” I’m wondering how to tell him though”

Aryan’s heart sank. The only girl he would be happy to have a future with , had now become a puppet of his enemy’s.  He walked into the classroom. Aditya and Priya were both shocked. ” I “, started Priya but soon interrupted by Aryan who said,” I didn’t think so low of you.” Without arguing she went past him covering her lower face with one hand.

” Are you mad? ” howled Aditya. She really loves you. I told her not to say that now, considering the present circumstances and  see what happened .”As if I would believe you?” roared Aryan when other students started coming. ” You are indeed a freak” said Aditya. Others started staring in their direction.  After that day all three of them kept their distance.

They were approaching the last few days of their final exams. Everyone was particularly worried about one subject that is physics. To their rescue one day their physics teacher said that she would be giving them a question bank of around 100 questions for the test. Everyone was a little relieved. She gave the responsibility to Aditya as usual to get it photocopied for everyone. At that very instance, Aryan got what he wanted. When everyone left the room for sports class, he went on to steal his question bank. As soon as Aditya came to know that it was missing, he reported this to his teacher. It was the only copy.He was being scolded and as a result nobody except Aryan got a copy of it.

On the physics’ exam day, as Varun and Aryan were approaching the classroom, they bumped into their sports teacher who informed them that Varun had been selected for the nationals. There was no bound to Varun’s euphoria but guilt started building up inside Aryan. As everyone was congratulating Varun, one of their friends started a conversion with Aryan about what happened in the last few days. “You said No to her” he said smirking, “Everyone knew she liked you except yourself. And yes that Aditya loves her too; she didn’t know though. Must have been hard for Aditya when she babbled on and on about you. Bad luck indeed.”

Everything was in his favor today. His brother got selected in nationals. The questions had indeed come from the question bank but he could find the courage to answer them. He had become a person, he thought, he once loathed.


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    This story is winner of the ” Tales told Differently” competition from the Shaheed Rajguru college of applied sciences for women (Delhi University)

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