My ‘wicked’ friend

Excerpt: The race in which I am going to compete now could be my last race because if I will not finish the race in first position my sponsors will abandon me. (Reads: unavailable)


Only thirty minutes are left about after which I MIGHT be the most successful sprinter or no one will remember my name. It is the time to enthuse myself for my life. but my mind find his leisure to recall my story-of which I can’t denote as a vivid story or a dark one.

14 years ago me and my friend, Huston escaped from our village to participate in a race.We escaped because there was very few chances of getting permission from our parents. But we escaped for the whole village as, there was a notice passed in the village that the village land does not belong to the villagers, because it was gifted to us by a philanthropist without any kind of paperwork .Therefore, the grandson of the philanthropist wants the land by a month or ten crore rupees from the villagers.

We were best in running so we think that race would be the finest oppurtunity for earning money.The winner  was rewarded with one lakh rupees, and the runner up prize was  seventy-five thousand.That amount were peanuts in the comparison of ten crore rupees but we already made a plan.

The night before the race I remembered that one day in a school competition Huston went to fill the participation form of we both, but when I arrived I found that he has cheated me. He only fill his own form ,and I can’t compete in that race thus, he won that,and this time in this city race, Huston had went to fill form. I was horrified for a moment, but at the last I felt relaxed and slept.

On the event I found Huston missing, my suspicion towards him partially trued. Without wasting time I went towards racing ground, and I shockingly found myself in quandary. Huston once again cheated me, he just fill his own form.I look everywhere in the ground but Huston was not visible.I completely knew about his heinous plan he want me to compete on the race on his form just because he does not believe in his self, and want all the reward and sweet words from the villager.

I talked to the organizer who was the chairman of a development program, and my luck shines the brightest as, if my friend was absent I can compete on his name, and i do so. The event ended giving me a title of ‘Fastest boy of the country.’

My next plan as I told earlier was to take loan from the bank. One crore was the amount given to me by the bank as I was the ‘fastest boy of the country.’

Taking all that achievement I returned to the village. I told the story of my victory to villagers, and the deed of Huston to his father who was a highly flammable man thus, after that day I never saw Huston.

I keep participating in the competitions, and the villagers exceeded the date given to them for leaving the land, and finally killing all the odds me along with villagers reclaimed our land.

Time flew and my life took an ugly turn I was addicted with drug many legal conflicts imprisioned me. I lost many races.

The race in which I am going to compete now could be my last race because if I will not finish the race in first position my sponsors will abandon me. My wealth will turn out zero.

The officials are calling me for race now, I am in the racing position. Ten!Nine! as the time went on my blood flow like a rainfall. TWO!ONE! and here the race starts only two hundred meters has to been cover. Somebody is in first position but I need to win the race. Abruptly the racer in front of me fall down, and I touched the rope.

I can’t believe I have won the race.after rejoicing few minutes. I tried to talk with the sprinter who fell down.”Hey, what happens to you?.” I asked him and he said me ”Hi Hendrick it had been 14 years till we met.”

I understood that he was Huston.I goes emotional, and asked him every questions I wanted to ask from him,and with a little smile he said,”After you tell everything to my father he sent me to a hostel.And why I cheat you when I went to fill the form the last one was left on which I already wrote my name. The official was regretting to cut my name, and write yours so I remain absent. The same thing happen at the school competition but I did’nt sacrificed myself for you, and today also I slip on my own.”

Every suspense, and cliffhangers were unleashed everything went great for me.

Me and Huston reunite again but not till grave. our reunion will be celebrated also in hell.

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