For Us Its Life – Short Story Friends

Excerpt: Short story friends: she saw her Mom sitting with a Box which looked like a Treasure Chest and around her were some Dairy, Letters, Clothes, some accessories (Reads: 466)


This short story is participating in Write Story from Picture India 2012 – Short Story Writing Competition


Photo credit: Nevit Dilmen

“Mommm….. Mommmmmmm…..

Where are you???? I urgently need your help

Mommmm……….” Called out Chavi searching her mom Shreya

Chaviii reached the attic store room where all old things were kept she saw her Mom sitting with a Box which looked like a Treasure Chest and around her were some Dairy, Letters, Clothes, some accessories and she saw her Mom crying and carrassing all these things n telling

“ Whyyy did you leave me alone and go…..

Pleaseee come backkk

I cant live without you missing you soooo muchhh Januuu

Pleasseee hear my cry once

Just come backkkkkk”

and after some time she stopped crying, closed the Treasure Chest and kept it in a cupboard and just made her way outside the attic tottalllyyyy unaware of the presence of her Daughter who was seeing her Mom break down n was very curious as to who was this Januu…


As her Mom was out of site Chavi went into the Attic and took out the contents of the Treasure Chest n her attention was taken to the Dairy which said Jaanu’s Dairy …


Heyyyy Shreyaa,

You must be wondering your Jannu who hates to even write a paragraph has actually written a whole dairy dedicated to you

So keep on reading as it has many of our Memories in form of my Words


17 June 1978

You remember this is the day when we both met and became Friends n that was the day that changed our whole life


20 April 1980

Your and my Family had gone to Goa for holiday and you remember we played the whole day on the beach and never wanted to come out and when our Mom’s pulled us out we made a pouting face and sat on the rock and our Dad’s were clicking pics and Manofying us

It was sooo much fun naaaaa

Our 1st ever Family outing together


2 Feb 1983

OMG  I still remember that Aaksh face after I had punched him for pulling your piggy tail and making fun of you

I was and will always be your Saviour, Miss. Dasmel in Distress

I know you dnt like this name but I cnt stop teasing you


29 Jan 1989

What a Geek or Study Maniac were youuu…….

Just because we had Board exams you would make me slog through all the subjects like some 10 times before even 1 month of exam

God only knowww how I used to escape from your group studies

God bless Mama for giving me such ice ideas for saving me from her own Daughter

Now dnt go and scold Mama because my Mama is the besttttt


5 May 1989

Today I was sooooo sad because we were going to complete different colleges and were going to do totally different courses

But like alwaysss you made me understand that our friendship is not so weak that it would break just because we go to different colleges

and you righty said “Distance Brings Us More Closer”

We became just more than Best Friends more than Family it was something not understandable but very Pure and divine and our world started and ended with each other


17 Oct 1991

I want to confess something here

Promise me you will not take me wrong…

Ok ok wait Im telling you

The day you told Me about you having a Boy friend

I was so heart broken that you had hidden such a big thing from me

But as your Best friend I was soooo happpyyy for you that you got your true love even though I would never get my Love


5 Aug 1992

The time I had to say Good bye not forever but yaaa for the next 3 years as I was going to London my dream place to complete my Master’s and after my acting all stong and brave as I broaded the flight I just broke down thinking of how far I would be from all of you and I had just taken that decision so that all of you can never get to know that my love was happy with someone else and I was totally heart broken and had started going deep into depression

Yaaa I would make new friends but never gonna forget my Partner or lets say Miss.Damsel is Distress


18 Jan 1996

It seemed like destiny was just playing games with me when I started to fix my heart and move on I received another shock of my life that I couldn’t share it with you also

Im really Sorrryyyyyyy for not sharing it with you

I know now your eyes will be full of tears as you understood what im talking about

And I just love ur smiling face so you better stop crying n please smile

For Me

For your Best friend

For your Jaanu



8 July 1996

I arrived at the Airport and I wonder if God had given you the element called Patience

The way you hugged me OMG it seemed like I was your Long lost sibling from some Fair

I know tht sounds funny but even I Missed you sooooooo much and it seemed like you had taken full practice to become a replica of Mom worrying about me going thin and pale and then stuffing food in my Mouth

What were you thinking before doing that???? Hello I was a human but just didn’t say anything seeing your happy face


28 Nov 1996

Atlast you were married after increasing my weight for whole 5 kgs

I still hate you for making me fat

I was sooo ready to blow the fuses of your Devar’s in your marriage

Maybe even of your Hubby dear

But what was written in my fate had to happen…

After your leaving for your Honeymoon all of them got to know of my Disease that I was suffering from Blood Cancer

Dnt get angry on everyone it was I who had given them my Life’s vow n that they should never break it and if they break it that will be the last day on me near them


31 Dec 1996

Just few hours away was the whole world away from celebrating new year and I was in the hospital bed awaiting death

Where the whole world looks forward to living I was looking forward to die

I know you had just come today from your Honeymoon that is why I didn’t receive any of your calls nor did I reply to your msgs

Just waiting for 11 pm when I could call you hug you n say how much I loved you how much was left to enjoy n how much I was going to miss her in heaven seated with some hot and sexy angels


At last it was 11 pm

1 hr left to bid Good bye to this world

1 hr left for the doctors to pull my ventilators plug

1 hr left for my Close ones to see me alive for the last time

1 hr left for me to explain to you Why I didn’t tell you anything abt it and never ever forgive me for this…

Because I would never forgive if you had done the same

But just keep loving me till the world end

Will surelyyy be waiting in heaven for you

Love you and surelyyy will miss you and will always be by your side and will be watching you from the skies above

Keep smiling and never Cry as I always want to see your smiling face

And dare you forget meeeee”

Yours and only yours



Chaviii had tears going through the whole dairy where even the smallest to smallest details of Jaanu and Shreya’s friendship was written as as she turned the last page she saw the picture of two girls sitted on the rock ,she was shocked as till now she thought that Jaanu was a Guy who used to love her Mom  and they were showing there back to the protographer  n it was written

“No one else could ever understand our friendship as well as only we both could and for others it would just be a plain old emotional story but For Us Its Life”

Love Jhanviii (Jaanu)


Chavii was thankful to the Dairy as it made her see the Importance of a friend whom she used to take for granted and would always boss around showing them that she was superior  and she just rushed to her Room and called her Best friend and asked Sorrryyyyy that she would never do anything which would hurt her and her Friend readily forgave her telling that friends dnt tell Sorry and it was Okk she understood her.

All this was seen by Shreya who had come to call Chavi for dinner and was very happy that her Best Friend Jhanvi had show her daughter the right way even though she was not physically present in this world n said

“Love you alwayssssss for being my Best Friend through Thick and Thin ,In every Happy and Sad situations I met,fought and overcame

Thank you for being My Life”


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  1. rsroopali says

    thank uuuuuu poojaaaa
    n i did think of you as shreya n myself as januu
    n the story just came out like wowww
    n luv u my bestesttttt friendddddd <3 <3 🙂

  2. POOJA says

    heyyyy lovelly story……………..
    loved the way it started n ended ..thru the course i felt thta jaanu as a guy but she was gal..loved the way u prtrayed the relationship between two friends.. always be successful n pls do write such touchy stories…love u always my best friend..u r always n will always be my angel in my life..ur the most prcious gift given to me by GOD………..<3<3 🙂

  3. paulami dutta says

    lovely, reminded me of a friends…Roops really a good one …U made me cry 🙁

  4. rsroopali says

    haaan haaan ash
    shikh kuch mujse
    heheheeeeee just jokingggggg
    thank u so much for liking itttttttt
    n yaa i always take all of you for granted naaaa
    sorrrrrrryyyyyyyy okkkkkkkkk for thattttt
    n never do tht to meee even if i become unbearable

  5. Aishwariya says

    OMG roops…this was so touching!!! it started off so beautifully…with shreya and janu
    and for a moment even i thought janu was a guy!!! but u depicted everything so beautifully!! hats off to u!
    and i literally had tears in my eyes at the end when she was awaiting her death! such pure frndship is hardly seen and u were amazing here! we should learn to care for our dear ones and not take them for granted!!!!

  6. rsroopali says

    thank u sooooo muchhh
    n yaaaaa we do take friends for granted especially me so just wrote what me best friend always does whn i do that

  7. anu says

    lovely story and very emotional . from start i was thinking ,the other friend was a boy . And very truly said sumtym we tke it granted for our friends and tym never give chance to say sorry . so , better late than never . keep writing and enjoyed to d core

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