I am the Almighty…Am I ?

Excerpt: I started developing a sense of pride in myself for accomplishing so many things in his life. Little did I realize that whether it was Rahul who is driving me. (Reads: 107)


I am the most prized possession of Rahul ever since I was gifted to him. I have always found him seeking seclusion with his diary and me. The moment Rahul wakes up in the morning his eyes look for me. Before going to bed in the night his hands fumble for me. I am the means through which Rahul expresses his deepest of thoughts with sheer conviction.

He is in the final year of his graduation, I realized that with the world changing his perceptions towards life, his aspirations are also taking a new turn.

Last night, I came to know that Rahul is quite stimulated towards politics and very keen on participating in his college elections. His beautifully penned thoughts move me to convert his desires to reality. Only if I could. I am the sole witness of his hidden aspirations.

Next day, Rahul receives a call from the election representatives that he is nominated for the upcoming student elections. His enthusiasm and pride knows no bounds. This calls for a toast tonight. That same night, Rahul pours his heart out on his diary by coaxing out my blood continuously for hours.

That came as an amazement to me. For I am now equipped with superpower of transforming mere words and thoughts to reality.

Rahul possesses a writer’s bend of mind. Somehow his submissive personality never allows him to express his thoughts with full conviction verbally. And I know about it. Within a few days of his nomination, Rahul’s rousing speeches started bringing a wave of revolution in and around the campus. Every night, he diligently expresses his thoughts and ideas and the next day, present them with absolute flamboyance.

Never did Rahul realize about the reason for miracles that started happening in his life. During one of the college parties, Rahul spots a girl named Priya and he falls in love with her. There is still an air of hesitation around him. He refrains from approaching her and with a restless state of mind he returns back to his hostel room. Unknowingly, that night he sleeps leaving his best companion unattended.

Next morning, his eyes look around for that girl desperately in the campus. Again, he blurted out his agony and desire to seek Priya’s companionship on his diary. Each word was clearly defining his plight and emotions were strong enough. Neither of us were having any doubts. Be it Rahul’s emotions or my powers.

There was an air of love surrounding Rahul from the very next day. He couldn’t believe his eyes as he was being approached by Priya herself.

College elections, campaigns, blooming love life and increasing popularity of Rahul, a series of events happening in Rahul’s life. What more he could have asked for? I thought. I started developing a sense of pride in myself for accomplishing so many things in his life. Little did I realize that whether it was Rahul who is driving me or is it me who is directing his life. Egotism took over me.

Very soon, Rahul stepped out of the boundaries of modesty and humility and started turning into an over ambitious, egoistic election candidate. Despite being the sole witness of his changing mindset I was keeping my eyes closed and kept dancing endlessly to his tunes.

One night, Rahul was heavily drunk and he shares a shocking desire of killing his opponent. Shivers ran through me as his hands also trembled. I stopped then and there. Rahul didn’t realize that it was time to change my refill and time to restore himself too. Rahul leaves me half way with his thoughts and goes to sleep.

Three days passed, and for me his whereabouts were unknown. I am hearing his roommate consoling his girlfriend Priya over phone.

“Priya, the case is strong. Rahul has gun fired his opponent in broad daylight. We are trying our best to procure the best lawyer but till then…”

The line disconnects. Rahul is arrested. My eyes get stuck to Rahul’s favorite poster on the wall. It says, “Pen is mightier than the sword.” I wondered.


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