Excerpt: i was a boy who hate reading and studying in school life. i still remember that my friends in the school use to wait for the library period and i use to bunk it (Reads: 13,652)


Creative Writing Competition 2012 India
CODE 997
SETTING Busy Market
THEME And He/She Changed Forever

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Sometime something strange or unexpected happens which totally changes the direction of your life.

i was a boy who hate reading and studying in school life.  i still remember that my friends in the school use to wait for the library period and i use to bunk it. i don’t know why but i found books to be very boring and time wasting. there was a girl in my class her name was divya. what to say about that girl she was topper of our class and she was awesome, gorgeous and what to say about that mesmerizing beauty.

every one in  the class always tried to impress her. but i was different in this case because i was shy and always hesitated to talk to girls .But due to my physic i was don of my class so every use to call me as bhaii.   as i hate books so i was not good in studies. one day in our games period Divya came to me(i was shocked and shivering not able to utter a word) she told me that some boys of other class were not allowing them to play and they were teasing her..   i thought why she came to me? she could have gone to the teacher? don’t know about these questions. i went their and i helped her because no body use to mess with me.  from that day she became my good friend and i started liking her.

we both use to talk to each other when ever we get time. slowly slowly i fell in love with her but … never tried to say this to her. i told about this to my closest friend. she was my sister  she suggested that i don’t need to express my feeling to her rather i should made her to feel the same as i feel for her. she told me that i should started liking every thing what she likes and i should do that thing which makes her happy. from that day i have started doing what my sis has told me to do. from that day she was my aim

Now i have started following her. from school to her home. what a hectic route it was she use to travel via a busy market where i found that she use to went to a library in the market every day. A busy market full of people and library i hate both of these… i use to go to market very rarely my mom or sis use to bring  clothes or other things for me because i hate market. but for my love i have to do this and because my sister use to say that “if u love her than don’t express your feelings make her to say what you want to hear & love the things which she loves” . that is true love .

I thought that market remains busy for only one or two day’s but i was wrong it was always a busy market full of herd of people. oh my god but slowly slowly i was adapted to it. and second thing was library again it was a type of jail for me

but when i followed her i saw that she use to take one book daily with her from that library. when i tried to see  it was a novel of about more than 4000 pages i guess. i went to that library when she left and started searching that novel. i was doing this for the first time so it took four hour for me to search that novel. when i found it i was so happy. for the first time in my life i was happy to see a book . but when i opened it oh how boring it was how can she read this.

But only for her i started reading that novel. but i never told to her about this whenever we use to talk to each other i use to ask what she likes and what she doesn’t like but she never told me about her habit of reading novel. I also  came to know that she likes studious boys and who are good in nature. i love her so much that  from that day i have started reading school books, and tried to lose my don type image and became polite and calm. no body could understand why i was changed.

now talk about that novel i think for me how difficult it was to start reading it  but slowly slowly i started taking interest in it and you know what i found it very interesting.

One day when i was following her. in that busy market  i found that when she came out of library their was a huge rush due to some political rally some people were teasing and touching her and due loud noise of speaker and bands no one was their to help her. she started crying than i ran towards her and save her from those monsters. she hugged me and started crying i told her please don’t cry. i will take you to the home and then we move towards her home but due  to this huge crowd the novel in my hand and in her hand fell down when i tried to pick it up i was unsuccessful she told me we can pick it after this rally vanishes from that place we wait till that rally ends and what we saw….. novel was not their. she told me ohh s**t i want that novel it was very urgent. she said we should go back to that library they have another copy of this novel and i said that i took that copy from their and it also fell down with your one…..

oh my god what to say she said it’s ok what can we do. and then i drop her to her home and she invited me for dinner but i told that my mom would be waiting for me i have not informed her also and than she again hugged me.. oh i loved that

on the next day i went to the library they put penalty charge on me of about 1000 rupees which was very huge amount for me.  i asked them from where i could get this book they told me that i will have to order it form other state because it was impossible that i could get that book in that state. so i ordered and only i know that how many lies i have to make to my parents to order that book. i went to her on the third day of that incident.

she was sitting with her friends i called her and she came i told that i have a surprise for her she was so excited but she stopped me and said first i want to say something. i thought ohhh what will she say … my heart beat started beating faster. She said you know what i found that novel.. oh my god i was shocked i said where do you found it. She said in the internet and my uncle downloaded it for me. and i said how much they charged you for that lost book. she gave me a shocking answer no charge i said why. she told me that library was her uncles and  and  can to know about you were charged 1000 rupees for that book and she gave me my thousand rupees to me i said “what is this” she said please take this because that was not your mistake i told the whole story to my uncle and returned your money. I asked her how much portion of that novel she had read she said that she don’t read that novel it was her mom who loved to read novel and for her she use to bring that novel every day from the library because in the morning her uncle used to take that novel  to the library so that other could read it and after school she use to take it to the home…    i think god was testing my endurance power. she suddenly asked what is the surprise. i said wait i will give you in your birthday she said ok i will wait.

After three day she had her birthday. after those whole incident i was so depress i started writing a letter telling whole story how i changed my self for her and wrote a poem for her. and i wrote all this only because i had read that novel deeply and i have learnt how to write . On her birthday i gave a gift to her in which i kept that novel and to notes one contains that letter and other having a lovely poem. and i send it through one  of our common friend. but i didn’t went to her birthday party. for the next  three days  i didn’t went to school.

On the evening of third day i found a parcel in front of door i opened it. their was a magazine in which i found my story is published along with my poem and their were great comments of different writers and publishers. when i picked it up i found that novel beneath that magazine. i know who had send it. after few minutes my bell rang i opened the door and she was Divya she hugged me and said in crying words she hate me. why i didn’t came in her birthday why i was absent in school. she said that  i why i didn’t told her about this before and she said

“now i have read this whole novel only for you in just two days”..

what if she don’t like this novel but for me she had started liking it and she likes my story and poem which was published in that magazine”  she gave that story to her uncle for getting them published .. she said you duffer you ….. and at last she said “I LOVE YOU” .

And said i started loving you when you saved me from those monsters in that busy market. so that busy market was the place where we both fall in love with each other  in this way i became a writer also. this is the story how i was changed for that girl through a novel via busy market…and this was my untold love story:strange but true.


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PRAVEEN RAWAT from chamoli district. now lives in dehradun (uttrakhand) pursuing btech in chemical engineering: with specialization in petroleum started writing poem at the age of 9

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