A KILLER? – Unusual Short Story

Excerpt: Unusual Short Story: She saw Lira for the third time this week. She saw her white and frightened face with the golden bracelet hanging from her wrist. (Reads: 944)


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A KILLER - Unusual Short Story

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Emily woke up with a start. She had the same dream. The chubby face of Lira came flooding into her mind .She saw Lira for the third time this week. She saw her white and frightened face with the golden bracelet hanging from her wrist, crying for help.

Emily was a sweet girl of fifteen.She was  lively,lovely,adorable, strong, ingenious, easy-going and gorgeous.For these reasons every girl of her town was jealous of her.No one wanted to be her friend.She was all alone in that town since her father was transfered for job.She always squated  in a bench on her garden and cried alone.


Emily got ready for school .She pushed all her stuffs into the bag. After two weeks of winter holidays, she was going to school. As she was about to enter the school, she was shocked by the view behind.

Emily stood embarrassed at the school gate .She held her breath, and apprehensively looked back once again. There it was still! The cause of her embarrassment, Lira stood right behind, looking at her with gleaming mischievous eyes. What will her friends say if they knew that she was a ……. A killer?

It happened last weekend. Aisha, the well-known rival of Emily played a prank on her on the very last day of the school before the holidays. She pasted a poster written “loser” on it at the back of Emily. Unaware of this fact, Emily attended all periods. Even went to play at playground. Every time she heard giggles, laugh and whispers behind her.

Only when she reached home her mother saw and told what was there at her back .Outraged with anger, she planned a prank for Aisha. Fortunately, Aisha was not there in the colony. Therefore, she played the prank on Lira, the sweet and fat sister of Aisha. Emily spilled some oil on the surface of the elevated tank on the roof and put her doll on its edge. She called Lira for help. Lira for his helpful nature climbed on the tank. The prank was to see Lira slip on the roof and laugh. But….all worse happened.

Lira slipped and fell inside the big water tank .Lira was crying for help. Emily quickly climbed up to the tank but it was very late for her to recover Lira. At last, he just saw Lira’s white hand with the golden bracelet on wrist. Emily ran into her house closed her room tightly and slept for the whole day.

Next day the accident was the sensational news. The silence prevailed over the death forced everyone in the colony into silence. Days passed but Emily could not revive but still she kept quiet. No one knew the real cause of Lira’s death .It was reported as just an unfortunate accident.


Emily turned back again. She was shocked to see Lira live with that same doll in her hand. Emily collapsed. She woke up with a start and looked around the room. Sunshine was streaming into the room. Beside her was her mother. Her father was pacing up and down the room nervously. While thinking of the previous things she caught her image in mirror and saw the golden bracelet around her wrist…….shining brilliantly.





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