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Excerpt: As I opened the door, all my thoughts, irritation, ideas of likes, dislikes, sharing, popularity vanished all of a sudden. Delivery boy was there to deliver me my favorite pizzas, (Reads: 418)


It was a pleasant Sunday afternoon and I was feeling lazy and nothing important pending from office, though busy with chatting to friends and responding to facebook likes, dislikes, comments, sharing and all. In the meantime I was reading some articles coming across the journey to facebook via blogs were linked to fb. I have been musing over a last one year of having a blog and my own collection of articles. So I can afford thousands of likes and atleast hundreds of sharing.

All of a sudden a NEW idea came to my mind, while reading a blog linked to facebook. Readers might be laughing. Actually it was not new to others, as our civilizations already accepted it few centuries back. It is very “NEW” to me to an idle fellow. I had a muse over the topic for two hours. I will write something creative and entirely different. Now as I was ready with all equipment and tools viz. laptop, jug of coffee on my side table, good snacks, and of course I ordered a very heavy lunch (heavy on tummy and pocket both)  as I am going to do the most tedious job (tedious job only for me) and some good articles, shhh…not to copy only for inspiration and a drive how people can write so ambiguously, and immaculately, from where they got such huge ocean of thinking and views. Some articles are really good and huge inspiration for me to write. I really appreciate the hard work, stress, time, efforts put by those writers. Then ready…steady…go…

Now million dollar question arise. What to write? Which topic I should take for preaching. Of  course preaching. Is’t it? While reading an article I pay my full attention just like listening to preaching. Should I write on love, romance as the topic is evergreen hot. Naa…I cant write on this topic as this is too  weird to write a single word. So far I have not received Almighty’s grace to fall or rise in love. I thought of writing something on good values and moral teachings. Suddenly a “me” from myself appeared before me (remember the  scene from Bollywood movies when the hero is in full dilemma, nobody is there to support him. At that time the same “me” of hero appears to show him path) exactly in the same manner My “me” appeared and told me what are the moral ethics and values you possess which you are going to teach. You should not make people fool. Do you like any kind of moral values or preaching.” It was an eye opening suggestion; I gave up my idea on writing on moral value.

Then I choose a topic of Politics. Aha…my heart danced with joy,  it will definitely work. Everybody seems interested in politics in their own ambiance. As a second thought covered my mind  as everybody has their own opinion, their own self, their own passion, their own mindset on politics then who is going to read MINE nonsense theory when they have their own interpretations for everything. Last but not the least I started on writing health tips…aka to avoid junk and go for natural diet to avoid serious health regarding issues as most of us are facing ill effects. This topics seems perfect for writing an article having highest probability of many likes and sharing as it was my sole aim. I have so many ideas on my personal favorite topic “Health”.

I can write what is good for health and what is not good. What  should we eat what should we avoid. I was planning on making plot for article, adding some new words to my dictionary to enhance the quality of  article. Almost ready with a proper draft of an article in my brain, I heard sound of doorbell. I stood and went  irritatingly to see who dared to disturb me on the way to write milestone article on health.

As I opened the door, all my thoughts, irritation, ideas of likes, dislikes, sharing, popularity vanished all of a sudden. Delivery boy was there to deliver me my favorite pizzas, icecreams other snacks. I could not resist myself any more. After making payment, straight away went to dining hall and  enjoyed favorite lunch and felt sleepy. After having good sleep of more than three  hours. Mind was all clear. Next Sunday while having a look on articles once again, a smile came to face  remembering previous Sunday’s efforts and I dropped the plan of writing a good article worth of thousands likes and atleast hundred shares.


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