Wifi- you just killed it

Excerpt: You are a serious trouble for all the human beings but nobody can help because we have taken our commitment with you very far and there is no looking back. (Reads: 624)



Article – Wifi- you just killed it
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Why dear wi-fi,why you are troubling us.

Life without you is next to impossible (I am possible – did you hear that Mr. WiFi?)

We chant your name morning, evening, night and sometimes till dawn. You sleep I sleep. You sad (no signal) I sad. You smile(full signal) I smile. I know you help me in my work but sometimes you are diverting me from my work.

You were supposed to be a part of my life, but you became my life (after my soul mate)

Many times I promised myself that I will control my feelings towards you, but you are drawing me closer and closer…..

You have entered not into my home but also in my soul.

After all you are just a window for our entertainment, information, solutions and what not. But we people were not satisfied only with the window, we wanted something bigger. So we opened all our doors for you.

Wherever we go either official or non official,the first word which comes from our mouth is WiFi…

Is this a disease or some kind of attachment?

If this is a disease,is this curable?

And if this is an attachment will you commit me a lifelong togetherness(or will you change with time and technology)

We want you 24/7. Can’t you take weekly off’s so that both you and I can relax.

You are a poison not a slow one but a super fast poison which enslaves the mind and heart and make you dance to its tune.

Really wanna ask myself (and to all) why we freak out even if you take a small nap or break.

The most hilarious thing is we need your company even when we are in loo (my god)

You are a serious trouble for all the human beings but nobody can help because we have taken our commitment with you very far and there is no looking back.

Nowadays you are so affordable that anyone can buy and make you a companion.

You will never be bothered about our health but we will always be concerned about your weakness and strength(I mean signals)

But what to do you are such a darling because you accompany us everywhere and never let us be alone with our thoughts.

If you were a real person in blood and flesh would we have loved you the same??

Neither near nor in distant future I can see any commitment breakage with you. You enchanted with your numerous talents. We are all retarded without you.

Sometimes I wonder how people in the previous generations survived but if they have why can’t we…

I wish I can keep a time-table for you (like how we keep a time-table for veg and non-veg days)

I feel we are all two timing everybody because we are constantly connected with others all the time then how we are loyal to the person in front of us.That is why wi-fi is also known as wireless.. fidelity…

Anyway wireless things are not in our hands.At the end our hands will be empty and our hearts will be strolling.

It is better to get connected with the strings which are visible and wired not wireless..


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  1. Surabhi Kaushik says

    Very true. Even I dislike the way technology has taken away the human touch and I detest the time it forces me to give it because if I do not, I will be left behind.

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