Excerpt: "Dogs better" but why? we see in every house a board with something written and a dog picture painted, we do not know What is written, Unknown and finally? (Reads: 359)



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I am not sure I am wake up or sleeping. I may be in between both the situations. I am sure I am hurt, but to what extent, I cannot say now. My right leg is completely not under my control. I am in the camp hospital in the city.

I am new to the city and I am just a traveler from other country. I don’t know the language here, very much. What I know is to nod the head for yes and no in different ways. I told you, I don’t know the language, it means that I can’t read the language.

I found sign boards on every gate of every house here and a picture of a dog is there. What it means? Is it that “Beware of dogs” in every house? I don’t know, I thought.

I want to know where is a good hotel where I can eat something?

I want to ask someone who is not a dog. I saw one young man with thin body and big head.

I asked in my language. He stared at me. I can’t understand why he is so serious.

Now I want to try my luck by asking the same thing in international language.


He looked more serious and he slapped me with anger. He ran away without caring my feelings.

What I know is a hotel means an establishment providing accommodation, meals, and other services for travellers and tourists, by the night. But why this man is so much angry?

I saw a stout man coming who is looking very good. I want to ask him the same thing.

Somehow I could not pronounce the full form of hotel, I sad “H..”

He looks very soft, but he became very ferocious with mad anger and he slapped with big blows. He also did not say anything and rushed on his way.

At that time I saw one man coming, walking slowly at leisure.

“What did you ask him?” He asked me.

I said and to be cautious, I jerked few steps away.

He smiled. He explained.

“H should not be pronounced here. It is a very bad word and people will be very angry hearing you saying that.”

I am a bit confused. I don’t know what to say.

“Then, how can I ask for the address of Hotel?”

“Very simple, ask ‘any otel please! Like How as ow and Human as that.”

He finished his lesson. I felt I got excellent knowledge.

I asked him again, “any otel this way?”

I again saw him laughing and saying, “don’t worry, I am not a local, so you can say Hotel for otel.”

He did not answer me for my question, so I repeated it again.

He then said that he is also searching for a hotel for the last six hours and he is hungry more than me.

I forgot to ask him about the dog boards. He is going towards north and came from south. So I started my search from east. I am going and going when I saw a sign board. It is very illuminating and I cannot read the Board.

I thought it may be some hotel. I went in to the complex where there are so many visitors eating snacks and drinking soft drinks. I was happy for I finally found the place where I can get something to eat.

I sat on an empty chair. Somebody brought me some tasty snacks and a full bottle of soft drink I like very much.

I ate and drank the full bottle I am now peaceful.

Then I saw that people sitting beside me stood, I too stood, not knowing what is going on.

One officer like man came and looked at me I am like a wrestler. He chose me to fight with some other guy. People took me to the arena where I have to fight with the other guy.

I could not say that I am not in contest, because I don’t know how to convey this in their language.

So I fought with him thinking that he looks thin, so fighting with him will not be hard.

In no time, the thin man broke my right leg and threw me outside the arena. I am crying with heavy pain when somebody came and gave me some injection. I don’t know what happened after that. I was in a medical camp where so many people are getting treated like me.

I saw my teacher who has explained about the hotel is also there in another bed beside me. He looked at me when I looked at him and we both are very much frowned on each other.

We got treatment in silence and everybody is coming and moving my wounded leg to left and right, up and down and examining as if they are in doubting that why this is not completely broken.

The nurses are asking many questions and I did not bother to answer as nothing I can grasp what they are asking. So they simply smile and wink the eye and go. I like the winking as it is lovely closing and opening of one eye quickly, typically to indicate that something is a joke or a secret or as a signal of affection or greeting. I enjoyed this winking in so much of pain.

I saw a big army officer came and examining each patient and asking some questions.

He stood before me and asked me, “comrade, your number”

I said, “tourist”

“Your battalion number?” the officer asked again.

I again said, “tourist”

“tourist, tourist? Mary!” he shouted.

Mary came who is beautiful. She knows English well. I answered her everything.

She tightly kept her laugh hidden in under her teeth. She answered the officer.

The army officer frowned very much.

“ÖTEL, OTEL” he shouted and rushed out of the camp.

Mary winked and said in a cool voice.

“Don’t worry I managed. You will be here until your leg is fully in order and you will not be charged anything, this is the military medical camp”

She explained me that the fight is amid army officers for selecting for higher posts. I and my neighboring friend are caught in this mess in search of a hotel.

Mary looked nice, so asked another doubt

“Why you nurses always wink?”

She smiled again and said frankly

“To make our patients feel better and to make them feel like they are on their eve teasing.”

I smiled and asked one more question, saying that this is only one question I have to ask her.

“Don’t worry, ask any questions you like. But don’t ask me that, I am married.”

I again laughed at her wit and asked about the Boards at every house with the Dog picture.

She explained me that the people here like the dogs more than people

“The boards display that we love dogs better than you”

Wow! Wonderful!

DOGS ARE BETTER. . . I thought.


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