LOVE is not a one time EVENT!

Excerpt: Today, when you share your feelings, your loneliness, all that’s in your heart with somebody, you expect them to understand, but they end up making fun of yours around in public. (Reads: 567)


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Article – LOVE is not a one time EVENT!
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LOVE is not a one time event, nor it is a phase, if it is there, it is for EVER.

Love is no new term. It has existed since time immemorial. The only difference in today’s love and those of the olden times is all about commitment,
keeping your promises,
keeping your words,
respect for ones feelings,
care and a few more, may be.
Such a small list, but yet the heaviest words, right?

We are a generation who celebrates valentines day with all the excitement, but at times don’t even remember anniversaries and birthdays of our closed ones. Our  ‘valentine’  changes every year, infact our ‘close ones’  list too changes every now and then, without knowing what harm we have done to the previous  ones. We are so much into LET GO and MOVE ON that no human emotion is anymore serious enough to be taken into consideration for us.
But yes, no letting go for someone, who accepts their mistake!
Revenge is the only Everest one wants to reach at all costs.
We are unfortunately those who praise beauty of the faces, figures of the body, but forget to look at the heart and the soul that matters the most. We are among those who look for sharp nose, ‘killing’ eyes, fair complexion, pink and proper shaped lips.

There were times when there was no technology, still long distance relationships survived, but today even though you have hundreds of ways to communicate, your feelings die in no time because from DISTANCE DOESN’T MATTER, it has changed to DISTANCE DOES MATTER. Today, Physical needs are more than ones emotional attachment.  And that is why our love is limited to the skin one wears, color complexion, the body figures, the hairstyles, the near perfect facial features.
Today, red roses are symbols of love, body sprays-merely to attract people to you, makeup to look fake presentable and commitment nowhere to be found!
Promises and words of mouth- the one who  says, forgets, the one to whom made breaks down & regrets.
Just think, what it would feel like only if all those promises and words were kept!!

We have made our benchmarks so clear and so upright, that even if somebody’s  feelings,emotions all get crushed, WE DON’T CARE. We decide compatibility so easily.
Fat and thin doesn’t look good.
Tall and small doesn’t make up a good match.
Rich and poor is a poor match.
We all are imperfect, but we want our partners to be perfect.

Today, when you share your feelings, your loneliness, all that’s in your heart with somebody, you expect them to understand, but they end up making fun of yours around in public.
Dear such people, do you know what does it take to express ones feeling?
Do you know how much courage does it take to cry in front of someone?
Don’t ever forget, experience is something that comes to ALL of us, if not today, then tomorrow, but it definitely comes.

One mistake today means break up,
if one of you still loves the same person, its’s called NOT BEING PRACTICAL.
If you cry a lot, if you’re over emotional, the person will leave you instead of being generous enough to know the reason why you are so, because they get IRRITATED.
If you do mistakes you need chances, if the other person does a mistake, you are done and you cant get along anymore.
Today we are living in a generation where, those who love truly suffer, those who break others prosper!
If you are fake yourself, do you think you ll attract REAL people in your life?
The new people we meet become more important to us, more important than those who gave everything to you already, all that it takes to make a relationship work.

Read somewhere, you should always be with the one who loves you more, not with the one whom you love more. But the reality is we leave those who love us more, leave those who value us, leave those who have put so much efforts, cause I guess that’s out of fashion and those who do it are considered fools, laughed upon!

If you fall in love with somebody’s soul, never does that love die!

Came through this in one of the recent books I read and found it worth sharing!
Never ignore people who calls you, messages you, because someone will always call or drop you a message if:
They need you.
They value you.
They think there is  some work that  only YOU can do.
They really care.
They miss you.
They love you.
Therefore the next time you disconnect a call, or ignore a message, please ask yourself why that person might be calling you up!



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