My English-Speaking Lover…

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Funny Short Story –  My English-Speaking Lover…
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Guys.. Do understand this. To enhance my characters and their personalities, I’m deliberately using crooked and imperfect English. It is NOT a mistake. It’s an effort to show how an unlettered one would describe his love, for TRUE LOVE KNOWS NO LANGUAGE…

Breath-takingly beautiful. This I understand when I look her. She is fairy-angel, beautiful. She change mine totally.

Two month before today I see her. Near the sea water, there is beach. I and friends was gamble there. We talk in Gujarati, I not know English. I go to school to three class and no more. I not know English not understand. Then one day I see her. She is wear jogging costume and lovely see. I go to after her to her. She go and run again and gone away. I going back and ask my friends.

“She who?” I speak.

“Priya. Mr. Verma- his father, who die of suicide of money debt from his gamble.” They say.

Tomorrow after that day, I bring to wear my new nice jogging dress and wait from her. She come and I ask,

“Who are you?” I smile.

“I am Priya.” She smile also.

“Okay I am Rahul.” I say and then she give her hand for shake and I take it between my fingers. Soft very very.

Then I give her chocolate. She take it and say THANKYOU. I say also THANKYOU. Then laugh and smile.

I love to her very too much. Everyday I see her and smile and give one chocolate and we together say THANKYOU. She smile and laugh everyday.

One day she seen me gamble and tomorrow that day she give me one letter. I took it to friend who think English. It is this.

I don’t like gamblers. I lost my father because of that. You seem like a nice guy. Please don’t gamble and maybe we can be good friends.

When he tell me what it meaning, I think to never gamble. And to also learn English.

For three weeks, I go to different many tuition and learn little little English. I then go her again to jogging with her again on the beach again. And again more chocolate. We talk more and more more. I love her. She love also me.

Then one day, I bring her a rose for her. And also one hundred big big chocolate. I spend my save on them. It’s Valentine’s Day and she say Yes. I say “I LOVE YOU.” She say “ME TOO.”

We hug and I fear to kiss her. Then she see around and suddenly she kiss me between on my lips. I fall down. Happy very very. We sit in the beach near the water sand for hours many.

That is story how I get to my love and learn little little English. It is real story, but name changing.


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