Blue sails..

Excerpt: This love story is about a lover who lost his best half never to return but stands in the same place every year with the same love. (Reads: 566)


Long, long ago. So long ago, no one knows how long ago. Nah just kidding, it happened just the last year. It was march 5th, and the climate was unusual. I was standing on the sea shore. Next to me stood the 100 feet tall light house. That’s where I planned to propose Prats.

Yeah, her name is Prathyusha. She’s like this big sea in front of me. She’s as salient as it is. She’s the salinity, yet very important for dishes. She’s full of life like the sea. She’s like the many undiscovered being of the sea, I’m longing to discover her, so I’m planning to propose her. Propose her my love. She told me she likes the sail, no not the one in Titanic. But the one the fishermen use every day. She was very different from others. like the unique pebbles in the sea. May be that’s why the sea took her. To its very deep.

She was in time that day, and I was already on top of the tall structure. She was dressed up like an angel in blue and white. I was all set to make the world’s best proposal “Prats, I…”, she interrupted me, “Can we go on that blue sail?”.

When your girlfriend wants for something, you cannot object it. Here I stand after 365 days. On the same spot where I held her hand last. Watching a 100 blue sails on the sea. I should have held her hand tight that day. That she could have been saved from the drowning sail. I shouldn’t have changed my plan, I shouldn’t have taken her on the sail on her wish. I shouldn’t have let her hands.

The moment I proposed her, her boyfriend, the sea took his girlfriend. Very possessive boyfriend he is. These chanks on the seashore speaks to me. It says “I will be, forever”, repeating the same last words that Prats said to me. She’s still alive, out there, in the sea.


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  1. Jaysree says

    It is a very nice story. It is brilliant to choose a deep and murky background such as a sea to establish the emotion.of the story. Great work.

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