Dawn And Dusk

Excerpt: I began questioning myself. It dawned on me finally that I was attracted to her. I wanted her at all costs. I was ready to die for her. (Reads: 356)


It was nothing at the beginning. I teased my best friend with her. At first he declined having any attraction towards her but after some time he confessed after I promised I wouldn’t tell anyone if he had feelings for her. I felt genuinely happy that day. From that day onward , I decided on not teasing him and to let him do his thing.

Since I was his best friend, he would always want me to be close to him when he tried to talk to her for reassurance.It was through him that I first talked to her. I neither felt any butterflies in my stomach nor did I feel nervous. She was someone normal whom I could talk to. The days passed by. Slowly bit by bit, I could tell my friend was losing interest in her. I inquired about it and he said that he wanted to spend his energies on something useful. That night, I wondered why I was feeling sad for what happened earlier during the day. Something tugged inside me but I dismissed it as empathy towards my best friend.

The days that followed, everything went on normally. I talked to her more and more. Whenever I talked to her, the tugging sensation was always present. Over days, it grew stronger and stronger. I didn’t or rather I couldn’t realize what it was. I had never felt this sensation before.

Then one night, after a long chat with her, I went to bed. By this time the sensation was so hard on me it hurt. I began questioning myself. It dawned on me finally that I was attracted to her. I wanted her at all costs. I was ready to die for her.It was when I decided to propose to her sooner or later. The days were never the same. Me and my attempts to talk to her, make her laugh and to flirt with her. I was completely infatuated.

I will never forget the day. The day I went to school and found out that she had accepted a proposal from another guy. The world crashed around me. It was the only day words were able to initiate an headache in me. I felt sick. I couldn’t breathe. It was as if the world had conspired against me. It was as if the universe wanted me to lose in all aspects of life. It was a phase of life I was happy to come out of.

She continued to talk to me. And something strange happened. The more we talked, the more the infatuation dies down. In its place came respect. I was completely in awe of her ideals of life. I could relate to her ideas of life and death. The feeling of tugging went down to be replaced by a warm, fuzzy feeling. All sense of the fake bravado I had died down. More than anything, I liked her company. Talking to her made my day. For some reason, I couldn’t leave her. It was as if there were strong magnets between us whose effects only I could feel. It was then when I decided that I would be her friend for life.

But Fate had other ideas. A twist occurred. Sometimes I wished it hadn’t occurred. Sometimes I’m happy it did.


(To Be Continued)

Note: I’m a newcomer here with a love for writing. This is my true story and I would be delighted to post Part 2 based on the comments I receive. Thank you for reading and please leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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