The First Thunderstorm

Excerpt: Maybe it’s the intimacy of hushed voices, or just the feeling of mysterious possibility that comes from being surrounded by so many books and stories. Let’s face it"there’s something romantic about libraries. (Reads: 439)


“You really think so?”, asked Mary to her best friend Aliza,

a girl with a cute morning smile, beautiful red, curly locks

and glittering blue eyes. “Yeah, you can’t just ask him


Mary and Aliza were best friends.

Aliza is a shy little girl, seventeen in age, not amazingly

beautiful, but she has those beautiful eyes, which would

compel one to take a deep dip into, her smile, as curious as

a lavender and her face, as the first ray of the morning sun,

seeing which, anyone would not easily retrieve his/her eyes

from. There is something that comforts one’s sight and

compels to follow for a better glimpse of the beauty.

Her best friend Mary, on the other hand is a show-off,

pretty on the outside, maybe because of the loads of white

dust she puts on. Popular among the boys in school, Mary

is a bit of arrogant and over-confident, but still, she is after

all, a girl, and like all others, she has a weakness for cute,

well groomed, witty and confident men.

She secretly crushes Adam. Adam was smart, with beautiful

brown eyes, confident, and everything any girl would

dream to be with.

“Can we go to English already”. sighed Mary, “Me and

Adam have been best friends since we were little”, she

went on, “once I fell down from my bicycle, and Adam

caught me up, in his arms, as so sexy they are, and dropped

me to my house.”

“We can talk about Adam later”,

squealed Aliza girlishly, as she ran off going to her lesson.

Adam is Aliza and Mary’s crush, well actually most girls

like him. Pretty sure there is a fan club for Adam, with

Aliza being the president. Aliza has a crush on him, but she

won’t go all fan girly like the other girl population of

Modern High Academy.

“Hello”, a hand knocked gently on Mary’s head, “Anyone

in there?”, sheepishly she replied, ”Sorry, I really gotta stop

day -dreaming.‘ and Adam just laughed at her like she had

told the funniest joke in the entire world.

They reached the class, and like usual, at the very back of

the room. The teacher had got tired of Aliza answering all

the questions and finishing first so she put her at the back


Thankfully it was a single lesson as a stampede rushed out

the door. Aliza was sad for Mary and Adam had been

talking cheezingly for the whole of the time.

She ran out of the class, minus the stampede, directly to the

school library, the only place, she could get away from

people. She still had her hood up, always trying to keep her

face hidden, concealing any emotions that might give her


She took out a random book and started flipping pages. A

dreary, gloomy and dark book, interesting enough for her.

She isn’t even reading, just mindlessly flipping through the

pages, anything to keep her the slightest bit busy.

As she flipped another page, something touched her

shoulder. She almost shrieked.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you”, said the person.

He did sound a bit familiar.

“It’s fine. I doubt, you really care, anyways. No one does”,

“Well, I do.”

His hair brown, straightened, falling over his right eye.

Taking a seat beside Aliza, “So, …your name?”, he asked.


“That, nice name. Suits you”,


“My name is Adam. What book are you reading?”,

He quickly grabs the book from her hands.

“Hey ! Give that back!”, she shouted, and lunge for the

book and ended up landing on him, knocking both of them

to the ground.

Aliza’s hood fell off. She untangled herself and stood up.

“The book”, she commanded.

Adam just stared at her.


“Your eyes are so beaytiful..,” he said, his voice softning.

She made a sound of disbelief and ripped the book from his


Maybe it’s the intimacy of hushed voices, or the mingling

of public and private spheres, or just the feeling of

mysterious possibility that comes from being surrounded by

so many books and stories. Let’s face it”there’s something

romantic about libraries.

She started walking away.

He comes up behind her and quickly scoops her up. They

enter a cabinet room, and closes the door behind her.

“Why did you bring me here?”, she asked crossing her arms

in front of her chest.

He walks over to her, and backs her into a wall, his hands

on her shoulders. He stares onto her eyes. “I have never

seen suck beautiful eyes…”, he says,

“I am not beautiful”, she exclaimed.

“Yes, you are.You just don’t know it yet!”

“Your eyes tell me everything I need to know.”

She tried to escape his hold, but had no such luck.

All of the sudden, a loud rumble goes through the school,

then the lights go out.

A thunderstom!”

Aliza shrieked and he’s caught off guard. She threw

herself at him and wrapped her arms around him, acting

on instinct, like a child. He stumbles back a bit, but

regains his balance quickly.

He wraps his arms around her as well, and he lowers

himself down so they are sitting on the ground.

“You’re afraid of thunderstorms,” Adam asks, stroking

Aliza’s head.

“N-no…“ Aliza stuttered, even though she’s shaking


“It’s Ok, Aliza, No one can see you. You don’t have to

hide it”

Another rumble.

She shrieked a little hit and bury her head into his chest.

She sees the flash of lightning that comes after.

All of the sudden, everything around her goes black, but

she’s still conscious.

Another loud rumble and the tears start rolling out.

“Why are you scared of thunderstorms?” he asked gently.

She sniffled and took in a deep breath.

“When I w-was younger, I-I had to l-lookout for myself”

“Well you’re not alone anymore. I know how you feel.”

breath in another deep breath.

“Th-Thankyyou,” She says.

He pulls her closer and holds her tighter.

“Your welcome…I’ll take care of you…


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