Friendship, Love and Broken Trust…- Love Short Story

Excerpt: Love Short Story: We both started loving each other, but no one told each other because both of them thought that the other done love him/her (Reads: 12,495)


Love Short Story – Friendship, Love and Broken Trust…

Love Short Story

Love Short Story - Friendship, Love and Broken Trust...

That was the 1st day in college. As I and my friends entered the class rooms we looked around. I looked at the boys, all of them looked like all boring chaps, no one looked as though smart, someone to be friends with…, But we had to live there only.

Then came rakhi, I had to send some rakhis to my brothers. And I didnt had time to go to the courier office. One of my friend knew a boy, she asked him that if he can send those rakhis, he said yes and he took the rakhis from me and send them. I didnt even knew what was his name, then I asked my friend about him and she told me his name is aditya.When he came back I thanked him and from that day we started talking and this talking msging extended and we became the best friends.

We used to be with each other all the day long from morning till noon and after that we would be in the phone until the time we sleep and the time we wake we were again with each other. We both started loving each other, but no one told each other because both of them thought that the other done love him/her. then came a girl named garima, Aditya started liking her, I thought let them be together. I asked adi to propose her, he proposed her and she said yes. Aditya and Garima came in relationship, I just saw them being happy.

But aditya  loved me, he used to tell me, you are my wife. Even when he joked there was some reality in it, he meant it. Then after months, adi was not feeling well and garima was not with her, I just went to see him, whether he is fine or not. I sat with him, he came close to me and we smooched. Seconds later I told him, we are doing wrong, but he continued. He asked me-

“Medha u love me na?”

I said- ” are u stupid, no.”

He said-“ok”

after that he didn’t talked to me. I asked him-“are u not talking to me, just because somewhere, once I used to love u”.

He told me-“I love you too”.

And then the new romance started, we came closer to each other. We enjoyed everything, we danced, we laughed, we smiled, everything was so perfect, just the problem was Garima was still in his life. I told adi, leave me and go back to her but he didn’t.

All he  doing was just using me. No 1 knew about me and him. I told one of our common friend about both of us. she told me to leave him. But she didn’t liked him, she told Garima about both of us. Garima was just speechless, she didnt knew what to say. But adi told her, Medha just proposed me, I dont love her….:O.

Aditya broke my trust. When garima and all our common friends asked us what happened I just kept quite, aditya told everyone-” medha is telling lies, nothing of that sort happened she is just making tales, to break my relationship with garima. As I cant ever see him so I told every one that he is telling the truth, m wrong.

After sometime, everything became normal as it was, coflits continued among the 3 of us for quite some time but Aditya and Garima again came together.

I never forgave Aditya for what he did. We talk to each other, but I miss him, not as someone I loved once, but as my best friend, with whom I used to share every damn single thing of my life. Life moves but memories never fade…


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