For Whom I Still Wait To Come Only To Justify

Excerpt: People are of the opinion nothing can predict what will happen in love and war, anything can happen,anybody can betray. Why it is so cannot be justified. (Reads: 323)


  1. Not once but many a time she asked me how much more I loved her, every time I kept silent as the shore of the ocean the moment the wave touches it now and then, as the storm uproots the innocent trees all of a sudden within a twinkle of eyes and moreover as the ray of the Sun snatches the life of so called dewdrops within a few seconds, only he knows, I know and God knows what happened on that very day when we were together at the top of the hill body to body and soul to soul talking about only love, nothing else but love.

  2. Never, never I believed you would come so closer that I felt your breath and its warmth that was coming out one after another. You caught my fingers and drew them towards your heart and said,” Just realise how it echoes and for whom? It bits for you, only for you and will continue to bit till you love me most.” In reply I said, “Never, never do I believe in stating as to how much more I love you as anything else I see all around. You are none but my all in all , my head and heart, my body and soul, and whenever you have any doubt in what I utter , you may test me anywhere , anytime I am always ready for that.

  3. It was day when we came to the top of the hill , the Sun was above our head , the sky was clear enough to see even beyond it, only a few kites and vultures were roaming about up down in the open sky with their babies along. Truly speaking I thought I were a bird and could fly freely alike up above the sky and prayed to God to create me a bird and to send me to the earth once again after I leave for heavenly abode. It came out of the core of my soul and perhaps He smiled on my sheer innocence.

  4. My dear friends! If you believe in or not I care not, but truth is truth, no substitute of truth, in case there be any, it is nothing but truth.

  5. It was top hill of the “Hundru Fall” whereup we were sitting together indulging in love affair and romance more than Romeo and Jolliet and Shire Fraud.

  6. The beauty of the falls we were staring at from the top of the hill and listening to the musical sound that coming out of such a bigger height to the downwards in force taking turn as fast as it could be to its destination, no mercy with anyone or anything else that happened to intervene or interrupt in its motion or force , if this be taking life even to the unknown world, once gone, never dreams of coming once again.

  7. Our legs were hanging down together and touching together as if indicating for something as thirst or hunger for anything unusual, just then she dragged her legs I too and sat down face to face, she drew my chin nearer and nearer to hers, kissed my lips time and again and patted my curly hairs and the last but not the least peeped into the depth of my eyes and earnestly proposed.

  8. “Can you jump into the fall if you love me most? Take it for guaranteed I will follow you too just after.”
    “My dear friends! If you believe in or not, no sooner I heard it than I jumped into the fall, I saw while drowning with the current of the waterfall, she stood up and left without looking behind as to what happened to me, where I was drowned to death or still alive.

  9. And it is to my utter surprise even after many a decade she is never seen anywhere though I make a round from the sunrise to sunset in and around the fall and truly speaking for whom I still await to come – to come only to justify.
  10. My dear friends! Although I died physically but spiritually I am still alive.
  11. And Still I wait for her to come only to justify what wrong I have done to her.

Writer: Durga Prasad
29th. December 2016, Thursday.

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