The Magical Key

Excerpt: We never die alone but many of us die with us. So be the one in my life forever because i love you. I would never ever forget those lines (Reads: 791)


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Love Short Story – The Magical Key
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Early morning in a sleepy mood,I found a key made of gold, the major part of the key was like a capital ‘E’ symbol in English . I put the key into the lock of the door of my old store-room which was piled with old boxes. The locked door suddenly opened and it pulled me inside like a vacuum . The door closed and a man appeared.

I asked him,’Who are you and Where do you come from ?’ .

The man completely in white shirt and trousers offered me coffee and said ,’ Relax ! it’s me your new friend. Please sit down. You have to do a job for me. I am not going to hurt you’.

I sat down with my keen eyes on him grabbing and putting a hard wooden stick besides me.

He said ,’ That key opens the door grants a wish and takes you to a world you wish too’.

‘Is it a joke ‘, said I.

‘No your girlfriend is not in a good mental state and I want you to take care of her through out the life’, said He.

I said shockingly,”How did you come to know this and why should i believe you ?’.

”Because I am the owner of every one’s life,what on earth you call me god. It is my job to take care of every one ,you fool. now listen to me,the key will work any number of times you want too. you have to remove fear from her heart”, said He.

Before I could question the God vanished and the key was in my pocket .

‘I want to fly’ said She. I took her to my room,closed her eyes with a black cloth.

”I am going to take you to my friend.he has a parachute’.said I.

As I opened the door with the magical key, a big orange coloured parachute on a lush green grass land,with a clear sky and a sun appeared.crossing the mountains,the clouds and the oceans we came back.She was into my arms all the time.

‘How does it feel’,said I.

She said ,’I have never felt like this before.I feared from the heights a lot’.

After sleeping she came next day and said,’ I want a royal dinner ‘ . Closing her eyes and taking her to the door I stepped her inside a palace. The beautiful blue lights lining on the walls, yellow dome shaped heavy lights above and white coloured pillars with green balls on the four side corners. After sitting on a rotating table,we started reading the menu which was filled with all the dishes of the world.

”Wow !!,I am inside a palace” ,said she cheerfully.

”mam , what would you like to have”, said the waiter.

”Chocolate Ice Cream”,ordered the princess.

”Thank you mam”,said him as he turned back.

After enjoying only the ice cream from the heavy menu,we came back to sleep again. That night I thought after all that I have done to her,does she feels the same for me.

”Do you love me”, said I.

She answered back as if she didn’t listened to question. ”I want a boat ride”.I took her to Walt Disney and in front of a boat.

I scared her wearing horrible dresses and making terrible noises on the spot. She was not able to recogniz me. I watched from distance she was scared and crying .

With two chocolate ice creams in hand I signalled them to come back.

She said,”where were you , i was so scared”. Offering her a ice-cream I said,”you are obsessed with money and just feel happy by enjoying it.” she blushed and kissed me.

Making the happiest moment in my life. We came back and before I could recognize where the key was a voice answered ” well done,enjoy your life”.the man took the key and vanished closing the door after taking the key.

She said ” We never die alone but many of us die with us, you will never understand. So be the one in my life forever because i love you”. I would never ever forget those lines and the man in white clothes.


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