I Can Feel You Singing In The Air I Inhale

Excerpt: Thousands and thousands miles away beyond reach a man like me - crossed the long rivers whereon no bridges to have been, the people at the risk of their lives (Reads: 412)


1.“You are far away from me – so far that I can’t even imagine I would be able to reach, what of seeing you for I have already lost my eye sight, for the veins that are connected to, though you are not connected any way with me, with my mind and fluid that flows has dried up like the roots of the bushes of the desert that dry up under the cruel scorching Sun, the reasons not known to me, but known to you , the rains that water down to the surface do not arrive yet and the soils beneath the bushes lose the moisture that keeps them alive .”

2.“That one thing that God has been kind enough that He has not snatched till now from me – the first are the ears I can be able to listen to you even you utter anything either in obligation or as a matter of courtesy, even you whisper in darkness in ignorance. that the second one that He has bestowed upon me with the falling down to the earth while born, it’s nothing but the most important part of my body that cried once and now also continuing it’s none but my tongue, it spoke not but kept silent when you expressed all along the width and breadth of how much you have been loving me and if separated with once for a day or a part of it you would disappear as the due drops on rising of the Sun and instantly the falling of its warm rays over.”

3.“Thousands and thousands miles away beyond reach a man like me – crossed the long rivers whereon no bridges to have been, the people at the risk of their lives used to pass from one bank to the other by hand made boats, the wind that blows and the current that flows are no less fatal, can stop me in reaching you, reaching you by the air you inhale.”

4.“That I can take risk and can stake my life even for I have never stared at you when we were face to face for a pretty long period of time in melancholy, you talking hours after hours all that were concerned to your attachment as a sort of love, love had never been one sided but still there had been a difference as between the earth and the heaven.”

5.“Does not happen all the time it happens once in life that someone loves once and can’t forget for ever, love that enters through the eyes to eyes into the door of the heart and once it enters, it cannot go out of it for the door is closed the moment it enters and settled therein for ever, none can ask it nor can anyone force it to come out for it goes into deeper and deeper bit by bit into an unknown world beyond my reach.”

6.“I can hear all that you speak about me when you recollect the precious period of the overnight so calm and so quit lying on my lap as an innocent baby, so curly hairs, so blackish like the cluster of the clouds over my thighs all so careless but so cheerful all along by face that sparks time to time with the hide and seek of the full moon surrounded by millions and millions of twinkling stars as witnesses of the your sheer love towards mine.”

7.“Never, never I intended to touch your lips for I was well aware of the fact that the due drops that rest on them for a long time would break into pieces and disappear in no time with the warmth of mine.”

8.“Never, never I kept my eyes consistently on what you exhibited I kept far away from watching, but I stared at the full moon up above the sky, and stared at the beautiful scene and scenery and inclined to until and unless you left me alone.

9.”Do realise you as the Sun rises from the horizon beyond the sea appearing slowly up and up and the reddish rays that spread over all around the universe enlightens my head and heart through the air coupled with it and moreover I do listen to the message you happen to convey through the roar of the tide on the full moon day or night I can hear, I can speak, what of that I cannot see but I can feel you singing in the air I inhale.”

Writer: Durga Prasad.
Date: 16th. December 2016, Day: Friday

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