The Sun and The Moon


Short Love Letter – The Sun and The Moon
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You have not a single reason to feel under pressure from past mistakes, you have not a single reason to feel excluded from the love you crave to feel. You have not a single reason to not reach out to the universe for what you want to embrace. I feel like I am indifferent to you not by choice, but from consequence.

I am a man in solitary confinement and you are the flint and tinder to my imagination. Your physical attributes are ones for admiration, your eyes, your lips, your complexion is for lack of a better word… immaculate.  I marvel at this mash-up of seemingly endless depth and personality that has been developed in someone of such unmistakable beauty. I believe it so much, that I feel for you to have a thought of insignificance on this planet is a folly, an impossible thought. You’re a divine blue print, and you can take me higher.

Where I see myself as the moon, I see you as the sun. I shine the brightest in the darkness of others and lead them with a light heart. You are someone I can never hold, I can never grasp, I can never speak with, but when your in my view you shine enough to blind, and I love to feel the warmth of having you around.  My hair stands on end, and I have no choice but to be drawn towards your heart, but I constantly have to push myself away from your pull. I don’t know why I always locate the shade and hide under it, I can never feel your touch, your Sunkist lips on mine. I  stray away from what I perceive as a true find, a key maker, and i am still locked and chained away in this cell encased around me. I must revolve around reality…..welcome to earth…

I can’t forgive myself for never preceding towards you and untangling this mask I wear for you to truly see who I am…. the others have forewarned me, you’ve burned others with your light. You’ve stayed with them long after you’ve gone past their horizons like an affliction, a cancer…. but I’ve been through the fire and flames untouched my love, I have walked on the hot coals of human relation and have crossed the fiery finish line unharmed.

My skin has been toughened over a thousand times, and I have become immune to petty pleasure and excruciating pain. I would freeze time for that one moment where you looked at me in that different light that you’ve shared with others. If I  become a victim to the heat of passion at least I can say what has to be said. I can’t live in fear anymore. The moon want’s to be with the sun. It’s lovely sun. I’ll leave the woes of reality behind me, and say that no matter what the outcome of our lives may be, I will wait an eternity for that one chance to be with you..

and when that day comes, we’ll show the world just how bright we can shine, together.

Sincerely yours, The Moon.


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