Excerpt: This is love story of my girl and her cute loving guy.The time will decide how he will save her from those people who are trying to put her in jail in name of god. (Reads: 770)



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This is the story of a beautiful girl who wanted to fly in open air who wanted to fulfill her dream and wanted to proud her family her love and her friends. A girl from colombia born in a catholic family and studied in a catolic school but that girl never let herself bound to the rules and she let herself fly she was not scared of anyone. She was intelligent and so loving. That girl made her parents proud by studying so hard and top the class. She wanted to become a biologist and she again didn’t disappoint her parents and got the best result in her university.

But the sad part was her love life that girl faced many problem in her little age and got hurted many times by her love and then the religious people come and try to scare that girl and tried to push that girl down, tried to put her back in time and cut her wings.

One day a cute indian guy came to her life again,he saw the sadness in the eyes of that girl and suddenly relaized that girl needed help. He kissed that girl and taken away all her pain and slowly and steadliy everything going to fine with that girl again and she again started dreaming. She wanted to fly world with that cute indian guy who saved her,she fought with the situation and she moved to australia to get a better life to start with the indian boy but she has done some sacrifies to get those dreams and she forget to tell to indian boy but after few month something happened to that indian guy, he become cold for the mistakes of the girl and he stopped giving her love words but he never leave that girl.

By the time passes that girl again started feeling alone when she was not getting the love words from her indian guy and again religious people came and started scaring that girl again. They started cut her wings, they started scaring her in the name of god. That girl left that indian boy in between but that indian guy started fight against those people who tried to put her girl in jail. Who tired to scare her in the name of god.

This is the story of my girl monica maria bonilla paez and her cute loving indian guy pankaj joshi. The time will decide how that indian guy will save her from those people who are trying to put her in jail in the name of god.


God never made those rules, people made those rules and religion and then they started fighting for it. God sent a man(adam) and a woman(eve) on earth to love each other and to spread the love in the earth but  those people made stupid rules to fearing people in the name of god. If you do this this will happen if you meet him this will happen. Just think baby how a humen being can decide who you have start your life. We are humen being you have freedom to start your life with any one. But here come those religious people who first attempt the sins and then they started scaring the people.

I want this world know my baby as a scientist not as a girl who bound with rules and regulation. I want my girl fly in the air not just spend her life in a jail pr prison. Moni(my bird) I want to see you fly and I want people know you in this world. Don’t be a part of those crowd darling get over it and you will be success in your life and remember now this silly panki will fight with those people who dare to scare my beautiful moni. My girl never scared in her life then why now. Now panki coming to save moni from that prison just wait for your love, open your heart, open your mind open your soul. I don’t want you cover your face I want you show your face to this world and they know you as my girl.

Don’t let those people scare yourself more you wont get punish by god. How can god will punish to love a guy baby. God want you to love me but those people are so. You have to trust and fight with me for the poor condition fose those girls who have been trapped and lost their life. Last month a women who tried to save herself from her rapist got hanged up, a lady who went to play vollyball got 4 year in prison.OMG!!! please god stop those people they punishing girls like this.

Maria monica my beautiful baby no need to scare of those people anymore I am with you now and you are in such an open country darling break those rules don’t let those people decide what you will do and don’t get scare of anything. God decided already your fate your destiny. Now come over it pankaj gona save you from that prison I don’t want you cover your face anymore. Put your complete face pics and let the world see how beautiful you are. Today woman are so strong they don’t get scare and those woman are at top of this world but those who got scared by those people can’t lift their selves.




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